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The Indian Journal
Eufaula, Ind. Terr.
Vol XVIII No 10
February 15, 1894 (Part 3)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Page 4, column 3

SOUTH CANADIAN. South Canadian, I.T. Feb 13 -

The grippe is all the style here at present.

Miss Winnie Mitchell and the two Mrs. Rabons attended the dedication of the Baptist church at Eufaula Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Watson spent several days visiting in McAlester last week.

Mrs. S A Harlan returned from South McAlester last night.

Twenty-one of our prominent men attended the organization of the I.O.O.F. lodge at Checotah Thursday night. They all returned delighted with their trip and reported a grand time.

Miss Sue Sullivan and Mrs. Mattie McComas came up from McAlester today. They will spend several days here.

A man was run over by a freight train Friday and was bruised up some but not seriously hurt. It is said that he was asleep on the track and did not wake until the train struck him. The physicians kindly attended him and they think he will be able to return to his home in a few days.

Mr. Wm Bradshaw has been very ill for several days with pneumonia.

Mr. Bud Mitchell died at his home three miles west of here with pneumonia on Friday last. His illness was very brief. He leaves a wife and two children, with many to mourn his death. - N.C.

CHECOTAH - Checotah, I.T. Feb 12 -

Uncle O. Fuller was in Muskogee Friday.

Dr. D M Pate left Thursday night for Fort Smith to stand his trial on charge of assault with intent to kill. News reached here yesterday that he had been convicted but we have not yet learned the particulars. The following men were witnesses on the above case:

H G Turner
GA Cox
Geo Scott
John Wright
Jeff Fendie
M C Perry

The boys report lively times in Fort Smith.

Quite a number of changes have been made during the last week:

Dr. D F Crowell has moved to the country.

Mr. F D Glass is now occupying Dr. Crowell's former residence.

Mr. James Carroll is now proprietor and manager of the Bumgarner hotel. Mr. Carroll is well known here and he proposes to run a strictly first class house which will merit the patronage of the tired and hungry traveler.

Miss Hattie Simpson, one of Eufaula's fairest daughters was the honored guest of Mrs. H C Fisher Saturday and Sunday.

W E Gentry & Co having increased their immense stock of general merchandise were compelled to divide their stock and move their hardware down to their old store where they intend opening a full line of hardware and furniture. Having secured the services of Mr. G W Baker an able business man and a worthy gentleman, to manage the business, they feel sure they will be more able to serve their trade this year than they have ever been in the past. Read their new "ad" in this issue.

On application by the old members of the I.O.O.F. lodge they were granted a charter and with the assistance of the visiting members they instituted a lodge at this place last Thursday night. The following visitors were present:
A J English and A C Ford, Hartshorne
W W Barr, Caney Kas
Bit Esser, Denison, Tex
Geo. S Mock, Niles, Kas
and South Canadian honored us with the entire lodge visiting in a body. The following officers were elected:
N G Turk, N.G.
R L Stewart, V.G.
J B Morrow, Rec Sec
W H Price, Permanent Secretary
W J Lipscomb, Treas
J K Sherwood, Warden.
There were fourteen new members initiated. At 12 o'clock while taking a short recess the company repaired to the Checotah house, where they were given a grand reception and supper prepared by
Mrs. M McMillen with the able assistance of
Mrs. P Frazier and
Mrs. W Taylor.
Before them was spread all the delicacies of the season of which each partook freely. After supper had been served the company again returned to the hall each one expressing their many heart felt thanks to Mrs. McMillen for the elegant supper and the hospitable manner in which they had been entertained. The lodge adjourned Friday morning at 7, o'clock and the visiting members returned to their different homes. After having organized their new lodge they accepted the honor and invitation given them by Rev M W Baldwin, pastor of the M E church at this place, to lay the corner stone of the New M E church, Saturday evening. The Odd Fellows gathered at their hall at 2 o'clock having donned their new regalia. They marched up the street to where the foundation had been laid for the new church. After going through the necessary ceremonies the Noble Grand, N G Turk laid the corner stone. Rev M W Baldwin closed the exercises with an able talk. He received many compliments and congratulations over his eloquent speech and also for the able manner in which he so successfully played his part. - The Rambler.

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