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  If you are "here" then I know you have an interest in Genealogy. Below are my direct family lines, my "Orphans", and some family lines, that although are the same surnames, aren't my direct family lines. Perhaps the following information will help you and PLEASE if you have any information on any of my lines or my "Orphans" share with me.

Be sure to check the e-mail address of the submitter of the line so that you will connect with the correct person. If you have a family for one of my surnames and would like to have it posted here please let me know.

If you would like the source notes of any of my family lines please e-mail me.


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My Family Genealogy

Haas; Davenport; Justice; Ambrose; Gibson: Lewallen; Brown; Allen; White

Surnames set up in Family Group Sheets for all of these names


Same Surnames as the ones I'm researching but not my families.

Jacob Haas / Hauss North Carolina - Simon Haas North Carolina

Catherine (Unknown) Haas - TN

Alexander Gibson (Gib Reid); Jacob Hoss (Sherry Cook)

James Davenport (Nancy Royce); Thomas Davenport (Nancy Royce)

Joseph Davenport (Nancy Royce); Henry Davenport (Nancy Royce)

Julius Davenport (Nancy Royce): William Davenport (Nancy Royce)

Stephen Davenport (Nancy Royce); Thomas Davenport Jr (Nancy Royce)

 Absolom Davenport (Nancy Royce)

Here is a large file that I call my "Orphans". It contains lots of misc information on people with my surnames, found in the same area as my direct lines but for the life of me I can't connect these folks to my own lines. Please check them out and if you can give one of these "Orphans" a home please let me know. Thanks a million.


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