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Ft. Gibson Post

Vol III No 42

Thursday September 1, 1898 (Part 3)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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Page 7, column 4 - (preprinted page)


SAVED BY A DOG - The second attempt was made recently to poison the family of Revenue Collector John E Longwood, who lives near Decatur, Ala. The cook, Amanda Jenkins, was caught near Nashville, Tenn. a few days ago, and jailed at Athens, together with another negro, suspected as her accomplice. A new cook was engaged by Mrs. Logwood, and just as the family sat down to supper a fine bird dog, which had been given a biscuit, commenced to howl, and in a few minutes died. The new cook was arrested, and, with another servant, put in jail, making four now charged with the crime.

REV. JOHN GLASS - Rev John Glass, rector of St Luke's Episcopal church, Athens Ga., who occupied a charge in Little Rock, Ark., before accepted the post in Atlanta, died at Pendleton, S.C., recently. He was a man of great intellectual vigor and of intense Christian sympathy, which won for him a host of admires in Atlanta, although he had resided in that city only since last June. He was very popular in Arkansas, where he was once nominated for the bishopric, missing election by only three votes.

BLIND CHILD MADE TO SEE - Louise Harmbright, aged five years, who had never seen the light of day, was taken from Fernandina, Fla., to Baltimore, Md., where a celebrated oculist removed cataracts over her eyes. "I can see you mama!" were her words when the bandages were removed. The mother's joy knew no bounds.

MRS. J C GORHAM - Mrs J C Gorham, wife of Capt Gorham, well known in business circles in the southwest, died at Galveston. Mrs. Gorham was the daughter of Major R P Price, a brother of Gen Sterling Price, of Missouri, and was a descendant on her mother's side of ex-Chief Justice Marshall.

LOST HIS EYESITE - George Miller, a farmer of Limestone county, Ala., was attacked by a big moccasin snake, and struck the snake at close quarters in such a way as to burst the reptile's poison sacs, the poison flying all over his face and into his eyes. Miller's eyesight is lost beyond cure.

KENTUCKY PLANTER DROPS DEAD - Chiles T Barker, of Kennedy, Ky., fell dead in his bath room of heart disease. He was one of the wealthiest men in his section, the largest planter, and worth $200,000. He leaves ten children and 43 grandchildren.

SECURED A NEGRO BONDSMAN - A K Ward, who was convicted of forgery at Memphis, Tenn., recently, and sentenced to serve three years, has been released on $23,000 bond, a negro named Horton qualifying for that amount.

INCREASING SUGAR ACREAGE - St Bernard parish, La., is rapidly increasing its sugar acreage, and another year will see thousands of acres planted that have heretofore been used for pasturage.

POPULAR PEOPLE MARRIED - Dr W M Turner, one of the most prominent dentists, in Tennessee, and Miss Lottie R Shoffner, a talented young lady, were united in marriage at Union City.

HAVE THEIR EYES ON NEW ORLEANS - There never was a time when so many northern and eastern houses has their eyes turned towards New Orleans for the purpose of establishing branches.

WHAT "BOOZE" HALL DID - Near Waco, Ky., "Booze" Hall, while intoxicated, went to the house of Strother Adams, raised a disturbance and serious cut John Adam, Strother's son.

MISS WINNIE DAVIS ILL - Miss Winnie Davis, daughter of Jefferson Davis, is seriously ill at Narragansett Pier, R.I., where she has been confined to her bed several weeks.

KILLED AT A POLITICAL MEETING - Hon Thomas M Adams, a democratic nominee for the legislature in Georgia, was killed by a stray shot during a row at a political meeting.

GEN CLAY SUES FOR DIVORCE - Gen Cassius M Clay, of Kentucky, has brought suit for divorce from his child-wife, Dora Richardson Clay, alleging, it is said, abandonment.

WHOLESALE DRUG HOUSE DESTROYED - The store and stock of H J Lamar & Sons, at Macon, Ga., one of the largest wholesale and retail drug houses in the state, was destroyed by fire.

VICKSBURG WANTS TO SEE A GUNBOAT - An effort will be made to have the gunboat Vicksburg of the United states navy, brought up as high as Vicksburg, some time this fall.

DAMAGE TO KENTUCKY TOBACCO - A rain and hail storm did great damage around Lawrenceburg, Ky., to the tobacco crop. In some sections the destruction was complete.

WAS A DANGEROUS PLAYTHING - The nine year old son of Lewis Mason, a prominent planter, residing near Fruit Hill, Ky., was killed with an old pistol he found.

Page 8, columns 1-3

     Greatest Townsite in the Whole Southwest
[reprint of the article that has appeared a couple of times and was transcribed the first time]

Page 8, columns 3

     A new establishment has been inaugurated in town under the name of Acme Merchantile Co. The new establishment will be located in the building now occupied by the Acme grocery Co., and will contain a large stock of general merchandise. R M Walker will leave for Kansas City next Sunday evening to purchase goods, and business will open up next week. Goods will be sold for spot cash only, at the smallest living prices. The public is invited to call in next week and see for themselves.


Aug 30 - The colored Baptists are holding a big religious revival which are largely attended, a good many whites being among the number.

That "lady up in Kansas" may be better known to the public by and by.

A number of people from the States are coming in looking over the town with a view of purchasing lots in the near future. Muldrow is a good natural site for a town, and with an industrious and enterprising class of citizens, has a promising future.

Abe Hassett, one of the bludgeon gang, made a brutal and cowardly assault on merchant Sid Blackburn, last Saturday, because the merchant refused to credit him. Of course the gang helped him out. Mr Blackburn is a quiet, law abiding citizen and has many friends.

Mrs Laura Smith has one of the nicest flower gardens in the country, delightful to look at. Such as a refining and elevating tendancy and Mr and Mrs Smith are raising an intelligent family.

The recent brutal and cowardly attack with a rock bludgeon and brass "knucks," by a member of the "Watts gang" on the senior editor of the Ft Gibson Post, is condemned by the best people here, and even some of the former sympathizers of the gang are getting ashamed of their doings.

Mrs Faulkner gave the mayor and officials a straight talk a few days since for taking up her boy's pony on the rang and advertising the same
Page 8, columns 4
for sale to pay his fine for funning his pony near the edge of town. Ten dollars for running a horse and $5 for knocking a person down with a bludgeon.

[poem by Bettsy Yann about the man who used the bludgeon]

     In the United States Court in the Indian Territory, Northern District, sitting at Muskogee.
           George P Kidd, Plantiff
           Annie Kidd, Defendant
     The defendant, Annie Kidd, is warned to appear in this court within thirty days, and answer to the complaint of the plaintiff George P Kidd.
Frank J Boudinot, Attorney for Plaintiff, John G Lieber, Attorney for non-resident Defendant

     In the United States Court in the Indian Territory, Northern District, sitting at Muskogee.
           Fanny Carnahan, Plaintiff
           J D Carnahan, Defendant
     The defendant, J D Carnahan, is warned to appear in this court within thirty days, and answer to the complaint of the plaintiff Fanny Carnahan.
Frank J Boudinot, Attorney for Plaintiff, John G Lieber, Attorney for non-resident Defendant

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