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Ft. Gibson Post

Vol III No 39

Thursday August 11, 1898 (Part 3)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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Page 5, column 3

Joe Dannenberg of Tahlequah, who is with the solider boys at Fort Reno, writes an interesting and characteristic letter back, which was published in last week's Arrow. Joe is quite a genius at letter-writing - for publication as well as to the girls. He is now official clerk of his company and will continue to climb.

Fred E Holden, late of The Post, writes that the boys will start for Whipple barracks, Arizona, this week. They are now at Fort Sill.

J S Holden, senior editor of The Post, was in Muskogee on business yesterday.

M O Ellis has been appointed by the town council as tax assessor.


Rev J H Messer, M E pastor, called in and had a chat with The Post editor, one day last week. We believe, Mr Messer is trying to do good, and though working under difficulties, keeps on doing what he can. People sometimes expect too much of preachers, and fail to give them proper encouragement and assistance morally or materially. Good deal the same way with editors; but the latter generally have a wider field and better show of dodging adversity and the devil, especially when not troubled with concientious scruples, like Phillippe of The Wagoner Record on the Territorial liquor question and an 'Arkansaw' editor who made the following announcement in his paper: "Yes, the Flapjack will continue to exist and flourish like a sunflower. The editor is found to jerk a living out of this town and community tho' smoke-houses have to be invaded, hen-coops desecrated, gardens and potato patches ransacked, and general destruction of the quadruped and feathered tribe!"

Page 6 & 7 - preprinted

Page 8, column 1


The big tent meeting has come to a close. That is has done god, there is but little doubt. That it might have done more is equally true. If only one half those people who made 'professions' there will carry out in daily walks of life, half what they have promised, there would a great moral change in Muldrow. True Christianity is a living principal - not something that can be taken on or put off as may suit taste or interest.

John Patillo appears to have a good deal of law business over his recent mercantile failure. It is the old story of fighting over the cow and the lawyers getting all the milk.

Mat Nichols has concluded to locate at Muldrow and building a new residence.

The family of D S Hart, late station agent, have moved to Little Rock.

A good number in town appear to favor territory expansion, seeing Muldrow is to be a county seat - one mile each way from the depot, which would give lots of room to grow in.

Rev Parker seeks for a divorce from his wife, which appears in the Press. An old Spanish proverb says; "The one who wears the shoe knows best where it pinches."

Talk of establishing a bank here. Jos Sherman might be induced to take hold of such an enterprise.

F P Shields of the Press announced that he will open a school in town on the 15th inst. Shields is a wide-awake fellow.

Judge McComb's court was not much crowded with business last week.

Muldrow's jeweler, John Gibson, is hard to beat.

The "barnacles" were somewhat stired up by that little item in The Post. Hit 'em again.

A fine girl baby at the house of Mr and Mrs John Coker. Monday evening.

Mrs Frances Adams of Fayetteville, Ark., is visiting her sister Mrs Turner

The family of J W Breedlove are about to move to Fort Smith where Mr Breedlove recently purchased

Page 8, column 2

a fine residence. Mrs Carrie Breedlove will be missed from this community, especially by the poor and unfortunate, to whom she was a constant friend. Christian people are generally known by Christian acts.

Miss Leah Holden, daughter of the editor of the Fort Smith Journal and grand-daughter of the editor of The Post, has been visiting here.

When you want to find anybody in Muldrow all you have to do is to cry out "shake a weed!" Thereby hangs a tale.

That big gentleman with the many military titles is lately "taking a tumble to himself."

If all the people of Muldrow were as hard working and enterprising as Mrs Mollie Burris, dress-maker, they might have comfortable homes and pleasant surroundings like her. Nothing of the barnacle about Mrs. B.

A DIVERSITY OF CROPS [article about growing things other than cotton]

MINERAL WATER. There is a mineral well of water at the boarding house kept by Mrs. Eliz Andre, in this place, which possesses medical properties, we think of a high order. The water is strongly sulphur, besides other properties. It is being used by several persons with good results, as they report. It is reported to be good for kidney troubles and is known to produce a good appetite. This water should be analized scientifically. It may contain valuable medical properties.

Page 8, column 3

Sam Stratton, of Tahlequah passed through the city this morning, enroute to Russelville, Ark., his old home.

Ben Coffey of Tahlequah is to open a barber shop at Wagoner.

Ed G Blake of the Cooweescoowee is in the city visiting relatives.

Page 8 - bottom half of page

ORDINANCES [The Ordinances are printed in full. I'm only listing the heading of the ordinance]

Ordinance No 22 - An ordinance requiring butchers to register all marks or brands.

Ordinance No 21 - An ordinance for the burial of deceased paupers.

Ordinance No 24 - An ordinance providing punishment for crimes and misdemeanors.

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