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Ft. Gibson Post

Vol III No 38

Thursday August 4, 1898 (Part 3)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Page 5, column 1


Stand up for Fort Gibson.

The corn crop in this section is simply immense.

Deputy Marshal John Fulsom is laid up with sickness.

The copious rain last Sunday insures a heavy crop of corn in this section.

Ex-chief of police Surratt, of Ft. Smith, was at the McBride House on Tuesday.

Attorney Anthony Crafton and wife of Tahlequah, were in the city Monday on their way home.

Henry Eiffert is fixing up his place on the hill north of town, where a fine medial spring is located.

A fine girl baby made its appearance at the home of Dr. and Mrs. J M Howard last Sunday. All doing well.

Reports from the western part of the nation says that corn is an immense crop, but wheat was injured by rust.

Senator John E Gunter and councilman Dumont Patten, came in from Muldrow on Tuesday, enroute for Tahlequah.

The McBride hotel is being treated to a new coat of paint, and shows up fine. The inside has not been forgotten and is fixed up in fine shape.

Page 5, column 2

It was Washington Irving, the celebrated American author, who wrote Rip Van Winkle; and the same author wrote the no less celebrated tale "the Devil and Tom Walker." It appears that Tom was always 'rasing the devil,' and always mad when Old Nick beat him. Tom Walker "passed in his checks" years ago, but "Dick" Walker lives here in Fort Gibson, and is always apparent. Just now he has a new thing on hand - the gayest barber shop in the Territory - "fitted up to kill" - hot and cold baths - with lady barbers imported from St. Louis.

A hobo who carried a big pistol shot himself through the thigh Monday about two miles up the track in jumping from a moving train. He was hauled into town on a hand car, where he received surgical attention. His pistol was then sold for money with which to ship him to a hospital in Fort Smith.

Chief Mays and his private secretary, Col. Harris, passed up to Tahlequah Tuesday to be on hand for the extra session of the council. Col. Harris is an ex-chief of the Cherokees and one of the most popular and intelligent men of the tribe.

Some of the farmers hereabouts are begining to enquire if it would pay to raise wheat, but we hear of none who are asking if it pays to raise cotton. They know enough about the latter already - some a good deal more than is profitable.

John F Wilson, the veteran transfer and liveryman, was down Tuesday and yesterday to meet and greet his old countil customers. John known how to please the traveling public and he holds his old patrons.

Spie Trent took in the big picnic at Pryor Creek last week.

The dog tax ordinance takes effect next Wednesday. Then the dog catcher and killer will begin his work.

Miss Ida Nash is visiting Miss Mollie Blackstone of Webbers Falls this week.

Charles Dege of Pryor Creek came down to visit a few of his numerous Fort Gibson friends this week.

Mr. Henry Eiffert wants an elderly man who understands vineyard and orchard business - German prefered. Good, steady situation open for such a man.

Page 5, column 3

Mrs. T E Bonham of Vian came up Monday to attend the wedding of her sister, Miss Emma Coleman.

John G Schrimsher, Jake Lipe, Joe Lahay, Jno C Duncan and several others from the Big District, went up to attend council this week.

A new scale of large dimensions is being constructed in front of the Butler Merchantile Co's. store. From looks of timbers it will be a solid arrangement.

Strayed: One white and black spotted sow, marked crop and split in right, and crop and under half crop in left, has been taken up by H M Langston, one mile south of Fort Gibson. Owner can have same by providing property, paying for keeping and this notice.

ITEMS FROM MULDROW. Brief Bits of News From Our Regular Correspondent.

Muldrow, I.T. Aug 2 - Jos Shermer and family have returned from Ohio, and will make Muldrow their future home. Mr Shermer will go into business and has, perhaps, more ready money that any other man in the place. He is a good business man, of good moral character, and a desirable acquisition to the town.

The big tent meeting conducted by Rev Hamilton of Poteau, is still in progress and largely attended. Numerous conversions are reported, but the devil has still much influence with several old sinners.

The Press made its appearance again last week, with F P Shields at the helm. Shields always gets out a good paper.

John Patillo, late merchant, who escaped from an officer at Fort Smith, is hiding in the vicinity of town. John says he has some old scores to settle.

Those hang-arounds who never work and never do anything for the benefit of the town, got a good scoring in the Press last week. There are a small lot here who do not work, but aim to live off the public, always watching to beat some one; and some of these claim to be respectable.

The public are anxiously waiting that promised report of the financial condition of the town - how much money has been expended and for what purpose. - If there is nothing "rotten in Denmark" such report can be easily made, and it should be made in all events.

That there is a good future for Muldrow may be seen from its surroundings and good natural advantages. It is centrally located, and will, undoubtedly, be the seat of government for the new country, which will be called Sequoyah, after the inventor of the Cherokee alphabet, who lived here. But Muldrow must get rid of some of its barnacles.

J S Holden departed for Fort Gibson, last week, to take charge of The Post. Holden has five or six acres of choice fruit trees growing on his place in town - apples, peaches, pears, plums, cherries, grapes, quinches and other fruit, just coming into bearing. He has a fine two-story dwelling in a nice grove, and is among the largest lot owners and consequently interested in the welfare of the town.

Page 5, column 4

FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE. The finest orchard in Sequoyah district, located on the mountain about three quarters of a mile north of Muldrow, I.T., consisting of about 1,000 Elberta peach trees that will be in bearing next season - about 300 excellent varieties of peaches that have been in bearing 2 years - about 400 apple trees, about one third of which have commenced bearing - a quantity of cherry trees commenced bearing, pears, plum trees and about 150 grape vines that have born several years. There is a stable two log houses and a good well of water on the place. Will sell very cheap or exchange for good town property. A splendid view of the surrounding country may be had from the place - the mountains across the Arkansas river in the Choctaw nation, Fort Smith and other points. Any citizen of the Indian nations have a right to purchase under the Curtis Bill. Address - J S Holden, Muldrow, Ind. Ter.

THE FAVORITE RESTAURANT - Don't forget Stuart Cox's Restuarant when you are hungry. His bill of are for today is enough to induce you to eat whether you are hungry or not. Call on him.

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Page 8 [The Ordinances are printed in full. I'm only listing the heading of the ordinance]

Ordinance No. 11 - An Ordinance creating the office of town assessor, prescribing his duties, fixing his compensation, etc.

Ordinance No 12 -An Ordinance providing for the working of streets and alleys.

Ordinance No 13 -An Ordinance providing for the payment of a special tax on dogs and for other purposes.

Ordinance No 18 -An Ordinance creating a Board of Health and defining the duties and powers of said Board.

Ordinance No 3 - An Ordinance providing for the election of a town attorney for the incorporated town of Fort Gibson, Indian Territory, prescribing his duties and fixing his compensation.

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