Ft. Gibson Post

Vol III No 37

Thursday July 28, 1898 (Part 2)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Page 4, columns 1-5

ORDINANCES Of the Incorporated Town of Fort Gibson, Indian Territory.

Ordinance No 2 - An ordinance providing for the election of a town treasure and prescribing his duties. ... to be elected by the town council [list of duties follows]

Ordinance No 3 - An ordinance providing for the election of a town attorney and prescribing his duties. ... to be elected by the town council [list of duties follows]

Ordinance No 4 - An ordinance fixing the compensation of the town recorder ... $30.00 per month ... [list of fees for licenses and recording documents follows]

Ordinance No 5 - An ordinance relating to the public safety.
     Sec 1. - That is shall be a misdemeanor to do or permit any of the following acts or things and any person convicted thereof shall be fined not more than 25.00 dollars.
     Sec 2. - To obstruct the street or sidewalk with boxes, barrels, or any other things, except when receiving or forwarding goods, wares and merchandise, and then only for a reasonable length of time.
     Sec 3. - For any person to fire or discharge any cannon, gun, fowling piece, pistol or other firearms of any description or fire or explode any squibs, crackers or other things containing powder or other combustible or explosive material inside the limits of the town without permission from the mayor, which permission when so given shall limit the time of such firing, and shall be subject to be revoked at any time by the mayor. Provided, That it shall not be a violation of this ordinance to sound any alarm of fire by the discharge of firearms.
     Sec 4. - For any person to leave any horse, horses, mules or other animals attached to any carriage, wagon, cart or other vehicle in any of the streets or alleys or public places without securely fastening such horse, horses or mules other animals, or leaving some competent person in charge of same.
     Sec. 5 - For any person, after riding horseback, to turn the horse loose in the street.
     Sec. 6 - For any person to keep or leave open any trap door, ditch, pit or vault in any street, highway or sidewalk, or to suffer the same to be kept or left open, or to suffer any sidewalk in front of his premises to become or continue so broken or out of repair so as to endanger life or limb.
     Sec 7. - To ride or drive on any sidewalk in town.
     Sec 8. - To stop any vehicle or animal on any crossing or cross-walk or leave the same standing on any crossing or cross walk on the streets.
     Sec 9. - To drive or ride through any street or streets in so careless a manner or at so great a rate of speed as to endanger the life or limb or property of others.
     Sec 10. - To lave standing any wall, chemmey or building which shall be dangerous to passers by, or which are nuisances after twelve hours notice has been given the owner or owners to remove same.
     Sec 11. - To permit any dangerous or mischievous animal to run at large.
     Sec. 12 - To be found prowling about the property of others without being able to give a good account of one's self.
     Sec 13. - To enter the house or place of business, or upon the premises of another for any unlawful purpose.
     Sec. 14 - For any person to jump on or off, cling to or hang on any railway car or engine while the same is in motion, within the corporate limits, such person not being a regular passenger, official or employee of the railroad or train.
     Sec 15. - It shall be the duty of the town marshal, and he is hereby empowered to remove and abate any cause from which immediate danger of fire may apprehend and to cause all buildings, chemmeys, stoves, pipes, hearths, ovens, boilers, ash houses and apparatus used in any building or elsewhere which shall be found in such condition as to be considered unsafe, to be without delay, at the expense of the owner or occupant thereof, put in such condition so as not to be dangerous in causing or promoting fires, and any person failing to abate or remove any of the things mentioned in this section, after the due notice from the marshal, shall be subject to the penalty provided in this ordinance, and a like penalty for each day such danger exist.
     Sec. 16 - That this ordinance shall be in force and effect five days from and after its passage and publication.
     Sec. 16 - Passed and approved this 19th day of July, 1898. Attest: Charles H Shaffer, Mayor; Alex R Matheson, Clerk

Ordinance No 13 - An ordinance providing for the payment of special tax on dogs and for other purposes.
     Sec 1. - ... an annual tax of 50 cents for each dog and 1.00 for each bitch ... tag attached to a collar ...
     Sec 2. - That is shall be the duty of the town marshal to arrest and impound every dog within the town limits upon which such tax has not been paid ... pound fee of $1.00 ... not paid ... marshal shall convey [dog] outside of the town limits and kill and bury same.
     Sec 3. - No dog which may follow or be led by any countryman or traveler through the town while with his owner or keeper, or near the wagon or animal or effects of the same, shall be arrested, impounded or killed, under a penalty of not less than two dollars.
[typed as printed]
     Sec 4. - Every bitch running at large during her period of salacity shall be killed, and the town marshal or his deputies or any other person may slay the same, and the prudent use of firearms for that purpose shall not be deemed a violation of any law of the Territory relating to incorporations or of any ordinance of the incorporated town of Fort Gibson.
     Sec 5. - Passed and approved this 23rd day of July, 1898. Attest: Alex R Mateson, Acting Mayor; John C Berd, Clerk pro tem

Page 5, columns 1


Stand up for Fort Gibson.

L R Nash and wife have returned from a visit to Chelsea.

Tom Cunningham has gone on a tour of observation in the western part of the nation.

Mayor Shaffer, who was confined by sickness about a week, is getting around again. "all right."

Attorney F J Boudinot and Dr. G A McBride started for Washington on Monday on business.

Tom Colins is absent on a tour of observation in Coo-wee-coo-wee district to locate lands for his allotment. Many thousand acres of land in that section will have to be "turned loose" in a few months.

Miss Lura Rowland and Mrs. G W Henry have returned from a tour of the Territory in the interest of the school for the blind at this place. Their early return was caused by the serious illness of Miss Cora Rowland.

According to a late city ordinance, the Weary Willies and sportive Hobos will not hereafter have such high old time in the vicinity of Grand
Page 5, columns 2
river bridge, the scene of many a revelry in the 'happy days gone by.' The sporting fraternity, including male and female concubines, harlots and other hardlots, are also warned to forsake their ways of sin and death before it is too late, all of which is as good as a sermon.

C L Bouden called in yesterday. He has been shipping a fine lot of tripoli rock to a manufacturing company in Detroit, Mich., with which his brother is connected. This rock is used for filtering purposes, and is of superior quality. This rock is lighter than heavy wood, and will absorb water almost like a sponge.

Ever since the days of Job, and don't know how long before, boils have acquired an unenviable reputation as tormentor and peace disturbers. It has been said that a boil always appears in the wrong place, which is our individual experience at this time. It is a whapper and has crippled us for about a week. No wonder Job was placed among the Saints, after standing about a thousand of those things for several months without "kicking."

If that kind of sweet mentioned in Scripture, upon which that pious old gentleman known as John the Baptist, is said to have feasted in the long, long ago tasted half so good as some honey brought in by our townsman, W A Scott, on Wednesday, no wonder that ancient worthy loved to dwell in that part of the wilderness. Mr. Scott is the only practical bee raiser that we know in these parts, and keeps about 80 colonies of bees, which he knows how to manage to get good honey and lots of it.

Among those who enlisted in the U S military service from this vicinity last week was Fred E Holden, late of The Post and his friend Dr. Joe Turnham, who left Muskogee last Monday for Ft Sill, O.T. where they were to receive their equipments thence on to Fort Whipple, Arizona, where they are to be drilled, then go to the Phillippian Islands. They enlisted for 2 years as recruits in the 1st U S Infantry. Fred Holden was one of the best all-around athletes in these parts and leaves hosts of friends who wish him success.

Page 5, columns 3

Mrs. Flora Thornton and her mother, Mrs. Ingram, have gone on a visit to Pryor Creek.

Miss Ethel Payne returned from a visit to Braggs Sunday afternoon. She was quite ill when she reached home and has been confined to her room ever since.

Ed D Hicks, the jovial superintendent of the Cherokee Telephone company, with headquarters at Tahlequah, came down over the line Tuesday, repairing the wires and boxes.

Mr. and Mrs. John D Murrell, of Bayou Gouia, La., are here visiting the family of F H Nash. Mr. Murrell lived at the well known "Murrell Place" near Tahlequah many years ago, but is now an extensive sugar planter of Louisiana.

Col. A E Ivey, editor, lawyer and politician, was here this week on his way to and from his farm in Cooswwscoowee district. It appears that the monopolists and boodlers have not been able to destroy his influence among the common people.

Capt. C H Taylor, now one of the big wheat raisers of Cooweescoowee, with residence at Coffeyville, Kan., passed through the city yesterday enroute to Tahlequah on business. The captain is erecting a fine residence on the big farm he recently gained in the courts, for which he has refused $4,000 in cash.

Page 5, columns 4

FOR SALE - Arkansas River Bottom Farm - Located in the Cherokee Nation. 5 miles above Fort Smith, containing about 120 acres of fenced land, of which about 70 acres are in good state of cultivation. Good roomy dwellings, out-houses and buildings. Said cultivated land rents regularly at $6 per acre. Owner gives reason for desiring to sell, that he controls more land than he can ever expect to hold, in case of a division, which is foreshadowed and may take place at no distant day. - Boudinot & Eiffert, Agents, Fort Gibson, I.T.

FRUIT TREES FOR SALE - At low prices. Two year old pear trees, well branched, go at 35 cents each. Fine cherry trees at 10 cents. Whole root graft apple trees 2 year old, well branched, go at 10 cents, others at 3 to 5 cents. Fine plum trees only 10 cents, peach trees from 2 to 10 cents, grape vines 5 cents. A limited number of nectarines go at 15 cents each. This stock may be seen at my place in Muldrow, I.T. - J S Holden

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