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Ft. Gibson Post

Vol III No 36

Thursday July 21, 1898 (Part 3)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Page 5, column 2

Chief Mayes, Treasurer Lipe and Assistant Treasurer R B Ross, were summoned before Inspector White at Muskogee last week. Inspector White was appointed under a provision of the Curtis law, and it is surmised that he is entering upon his duties by investigating the alleged $400,000 steal.

Miss Lura Rowland, principal of the School for the Blind, is traveling through the Territory in the interests of the institution. Mrs. G W Henry is in charge of the school during vacation and the absence of Miss Rowland.

Jack Guthrie, the big Cherokee politician, was here Monday on business.

Flo Nash spent Sunday last with friends and relatives at Webber Falls.

In a hop ale row at Pryor Creek one day last week James Whitaker was struck on the head with a stick, caving in his skull and making his recovery doubtful. The blow was administered by one Alberty, who intended it for another fellow.

Mayor C H Shaffer and Attorney Frank Boudinot made a flying trip to Muskogee Friday last.

Attorney C G Watts of Wagoner, was here last week to invest in town property.

Powell Cabell the jovial little salesman and brother to Lieut. Cabell of the 1st Arkansas cavalry was interviewing our merchants one day last week.

Miss Carlotta Archer, one of the efficient and accomplished music teachers of the Female Seminary at Tahlequah, passed through the city Tuesday, enroute to Muskogee.

D. W C Duncan, one of the late Cherokee delegates to Washington, and whose nom de plume is "Too-qua-stee," passed up the road to Vinita Tuesday.

Major Rosenbaum of Guthrie, Okla., was in Fort Gibson Tuesday, looking at our admirable townsite for a few hours. He left on the evening train for Muskogee, where he went to muster in 75 volunteers for Col. Edmondson's company. The major was greatly impressed with the natural advantages of Fort Gibson and was confident the place would ere long grow into a great city.

Attorney W W Hastings and Jas S Stapler, two prominent citizens of Tahlequah, passed through Tuesday enroute to Muskogee.

Mrs. Ingram, who has been dangerously ill for some time at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Flora Thornton, is improving.

The Junior Christian Endeavor of the Presbyterian church enjoyed an ice cream social at the parsonage Monday night.

Mayor Shaffer was taken severely ill yesterday and has been confined to his room since.

John Fulsom has been appointed on the police force as one of Town Marshal Perry's deputies.

George Perry, an experienced officer of Alma, Ark., was elected town marshal of Fort Gibson at the meeting of the town council Monday night.

Fort Gibson's new town council has held several sessions this week and the ordinances passed have crowded out much of our news matter. And there are more ordinances to follow next week.

Page 5, column 3

     So far as can be learned no instructions have been received from the Interior department as to the collection of Cherokee revenue on hay, timber, etc. As a consequence this revenue is not being collected by anyone and great loss to the nation is resulting. Instructions, however, are expected from the Secretary of the Interior very soon.

Page 5, column 4

     The finest orchard in Sequoyah district, located on the mountain about three quarters of a mile north of Muldrow, I.T., consisting of about 1,000 Elberta peach trees that will be in bearing next season - about 300 other excellent varieties of peaches that have been in bearing 2 years - about 400 apple trees, about one third of which have commenced bearing - a quantity of cherry trees commenced bearing, pears, plumb trees and about 150 grape vines that have born several years. There is a stable, two log houses and a good well of water on the place. Will sell very cheap, or exchange for good town property. A splendid view of the surrounding country may be had from this place - the mountains across the Arkansas river in the Choctaw nation, Fort Smith and other points. Any citizen of the Indian nations have a right to purchase under the Curtis Bill. - Address: J S Holden, Muldrow, Ind. Ter.

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ORDINANCE NO. 10. - An ordinance requiring persons engaged in certain businesses or vocations to precure a license for so doing, and providing a penalty for failure to do so.

     Sec. 1 - That the licenses hereinafter named shall be fixed, imposed and collected at the following rates and sums, and it shall be unlawful for any person or persons to exercise or pursue any of the following avocations or businesses within the corporate limits of Fort Gibson without having first obtained a license therefor from the proper authority, and having paid for the same in lawful money of the United State as hereinafter provided.
           1st - Auctioneers - ... per annum 10.00 ... 6 months 6.00 ... one day 2.00
           2nd - Auction sales - ...crying auction sales or in any way advertising ... by crying aloud, or ringing a bell, or by making any unusual noise ... 1.00 per day
           3rd - Bill Poster - 5.00 per year
           4th - Billard and Pool Table - For the privilege of keeping each and every billard, pool or Jenny Line table, ... 3.00 per quarter or 10.00 per annum per table.
           5th - Brokers - Pawn brokers or persons or corporations engage in the business of loaning money on chattels of any description ... 25.00 per annum
           6th - Merchandise Broker ... negotiate between owner and purchaser ... 10.00 per annum or 1.00 per day
           7th - Real Estate Broker - ... 5.00 per annum
           8th - Railroad Ticker Broker or Scalper ... 10.00 per annum
           9th - Money Brokers or Loan Agents - ... making or negotiating or procuring loans upon real estate ... or any other security of any character ... $10.00 per annum
           10th - Circus or Menageries - For the privilege of exhibiting a circus or menagerie ... $25.00 per day for each day and for each side show accompanying the same ... $5.00 per day
           11th - Concerts - For each and every public concert for private benefit or gain, ... $5.00 per day
Theatrical troupe, not exhibiting in a licenses opera house, $5.00 per night
Traveling ministrel, concert or small show in tent, $5.00 per 24 hours
Variety show, $25.00 per month
Opera troupe, not exhibiting in a licensed opera house, for each exhibit $10.00
Parade along public streets - by any circus or menagerie company ... exhibiting outside the corporate limits ... $25.00 per day
Other exhibitions, shows and amusements of whatever kind ... $5.00 per 24 hours
           12th - Corn Doctor - ... $2.00 per week, $25.00 per annum [
This doesn't say what a Corn Doctor is]
           13th - Cane Rack - ... $5.00 per week
           14th - Drays - ...drawn by two or more animals, $5.00 per annum; ... one animal $3.00 per annum
           15th - Drummers or Solicitors ... for any hotel or boarding house ... $3.00 per annum; ... commonly known as street solicitors or drummers, drumming and soliciting customers for any wholesale or retail mercantile establishment ... $5.00 per annum
           16th - Doll Rack - ... $5.00 per week [
This doesn't say what a Doll Rack is]
           17th - Fortune Teller - ... $5.00 per month
           18th - Hacks or Omnibuses ... $5.00 per annum ... each vehicle
           19th - Hearses, etc - ...$10.00 per annum
           20th - Hucksters - ... $1.50 per quarter or $5.00 per annum
           21st - Hawkers and Peddlers - ... goes from house to house or place to place ... other than farmers or gardeners ... $5.00 per month, $1.00 per day; ... from a stand on a public street ... $1.00 per day, $5.00 per week
           22nd - Intelligence Office - Every person who keeps an office or place in the town for the purpose of obtaining employment for others or obtaining employers for others, or giving information whereby employers and employees may be obtained for a compensation, $10.00 per annum
           23rd - Livery Stable - ... $10.00 per annum
           24th - Lung Testers, etc - For exhibiting and using lung testers, muscle developers, magnifying glasses, horoscopic views, electric batteries, weighing machines or any other instrument or thing of like device or character, $5.00 per week, $2.00 per day
           25th - Knife Board - ... per month $10.00, $2.00 per day [
This doesn't say what a Knife Board is]
           26th - Ordinaries - For each and every keeper of an ordinary, who sells or offers for sale, any meats, fish or food of any kind, coffee, lemonade, soda water, mineral water, ice cream, or fruits of any kind, from any shed, booth or stand, or by going from place to place soliciting sales for such articles, per month $2.00
           27th - Opera House or Theater ... $10.00 per annum
           28th - Public Masque Ball - ... $3.00 per exhibition
           29th - Pistol or Shooting Gallery - ... $5.00 per month
           30th - Liquor Houses - Every person who shall sell, or in any manner dispose of any non-intoxicating, malt liquors or cider of any description by the drink, bottle, measure, or vessel, in any quantity, in any grocery store, shop, tavern, place of business or establishment, within the corporate limits of Fort Gibson, shall pay a license per quarter, on the first Monday of each quarter, $75.00 ... that the sale or disposal of liquors, the sale of which, in Indian Territory, is prohibited by the laws of the United States, shall work a forfieture of such license ... who shall permit any person in a state of intoxication to be or remain on the premises where liquors are being sold under such license shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be fined in any sum not exceeding $25.00, and when so convicted, his license may be revoked.
           31st - Ten Pin Alley - ... $5.00 per month
           32nd - Merry-Go-Round or like device, $5.00 per week.
           33rd - Bottling Works - $5.00 per annum
           34th - For each and every house or store, not heretofore mentioned in this ordinance, in which soda or mineral water, lemonade or milk shake is sold, $5.00 per annum
           35th - For each wagon or stock yard, $5.00 per annum
           36th - For each ferry, $10.00 per annum
     Sec 2. - ... all licenses renew June 1st of each year ... payment to be made by the last day of June each year ...
     Sec 3. - The mayor may, for purposes of charity, or where it is shown that the public good requires it, reduce or remit the whole or any part of the sums and rated for licenses imposed and fixed ordinances of the town.
     Sec 4. - ... without license, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction shall be fined not more than $25.00, and that each day such business is carried out in violation of this ordinance shall constitute a seperate offence, and that a prosecution in pursuance hereof shall in no wise affect the right of the town to proceed against such person or persons ...
     Sec 5. - Horse, Mule or Cattle Broker - ... $15.00 per annum, $5.00 per quarter
     Sec 6. - Broker Licenses how obtained - ... first make application to the mayor ... [mayor will] give ... amount to be paid ... present receipt of payment ... duty of the mayor to issue or cause to be issued ... a broker license ...
     Sec 7. - Pawn Broker's Book or Register - ... shall keep a well bound book in a legible handwriting a particular minute and detailed description of each article pawned, also the name, color and residence of the pawner, which book shall be indexed and the pawn broker shall keep such book or register open at all times for inspection of the police. ... failure ... deemed a misdemeanor ... fined .. up to $25.00 ...
     Sec 8. - Hotel Drummer Badge - ... shall wear a badge plainly exposed to view, showing for whom or for what he is a drummer ...
     Sec 9. - Any person violating the provisions of this ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in any sum not more than $25.00.
     Sec 10. - That this ordinance shall be in full force and effect after its passage and publication.
Passed and approved this 19th day of July, 1898. Attest: Charles H Shaffer, Mayor; Alex R Matheson, Clerk

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