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Ft. Gibson Post

Vol III No 30

Thursday June 9, 1898 (Part 2)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Page 4, column 2 (cont)

Another $25,000 of Cherokee money has gone a-glimmerin'. That amount was paid into the hands of a few big lawyers who were to being a habeas corpus proceeding in the United States supreme court to test the right of congress to extend over the Territory the statutes of Arkansas. Last week the said supreme court refused to issue the habeas corpus writ and the project fell through. The $28,000, however, is safe - in those big lawyers pockets. Truly, the Cherokees are a much bled people.

In the face of so much conflicting authority in this poor old beautiful Indian Territory, we would rise for a moment and, in the language of the immortal Watson, ask "where are we at!" Who is the boss! Judge Springer says we may incorporate under the laws of Arkansas; Judge Thomas says we can't. Judge Springer ruled that the sale of Rochester tonic was not a violation of the law; Judge Thomas says it is and instructed the grand jury to indict those who do sell it. Chief Mayes says the district clerks are the proper officials to collect and receipt for Cherokee revenues; Agent Wisdom says they are not, that the district solicitors are the ones to do it. The newspapers have dubbed Judge Thomas "the war governor of Indian Territory," and now will some of them kindly inform us who is the civil governor, and whether we are under tribal laws, department of the Interior laws or the laws of Arkansas.

IN THE SAME ROW OF STUMPS. - The Fort Gibson Post is just now in hard luck. The Post deserves credit for its earnest work in attempting to build up that town, and we are sorry to know that some of the business men (and citizens) do not give it support. It is a fact that the Territory towns expect the newspaper to do the work of building up, and at the same time the merchants give limited support to the home paper. The Arrow is not an exception to the rule. - Tahlequah Arrow. - LET US PRAY, BROTHER HUDSON.

<ad> J F Haas, the shoemaker, has recently purchased for his business one of the finest stitching machines made, which enables him to turn out the finest work that can be done by anyone. With it ladies fine shoes can be repaired while you wait and made to look as good as new ones.

Page 4, column 3-5 - <reprint of the promotion of Fort Gibson printed in the June 2nd issue>

Page 5 - top of page spanning all columns - <ad> Butler Mercantile Co.

Page 5, column 1


Mrs. Hubbard Ross has been quite ill for several days.

Mrs. L N Mitchell visited in Muskogee this week.

Harry Nash caught a 4 pound trout in the Lake Monday.

Dr. J M Howard's new residence is nearing completion.

Dr. and Mrs. Masters visited friends in the country Sunday.

Mrs. W J Strange, of Chelsea, has been visiting Mrs. L R Nash this week.

Miss Hattie Johnson, a charming young lady of Tahlequah was in the city Monday.

Tom Cunningham is back at home again, after a term of school, at Bacone University.

Mr. and Mrs. Carter of Tahlequah, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Eiffert last week.

Miss Alice Adair who has been visiting at Tahlequah for the past week, returned home Monday.

Percy Kidd, the artistic painter, has been plying his profession over at Muskogee for a week or two.

Miss Minnie Coleman has been acting as assistant postmistress during Mrs. Hubbard Ross' illness, the past week.

Miss Lura Rowland, principal of the School for the Blind, returned Monday from a visit to her father at Weddington, Ark.

Attorney W W Hasting, the brilliant young Cherokee lawyer, was in the city Tuesday, returning to his home at Tahlequah.

Mrs. Fair McSpadden, of Chelsea, who has been visiting relatives at Tahlequah, returned through the city Tuesday on her way home.

W L Marshall, late assistant day man at the depot, removed his family and furniture to Oolagah this week, where he is now stationed.

Miss Dollie West, the bright little daughter of Dode West of Tahlequah, has been the guest the past week of Miss Charlotte and Maggie Drew on Garrison Hill.

W R Harris of Tahlequah passed through the city this week, returning home with his little son, who has been attending the school for the deaf and dumb at Little Rock, Ark.

Miss Jeannie McMakin, who has been teaching the Cherokee public school at Stillwell the past term, passed through the city Wednesday, returning to her home near Muskogee.

T W Collins is a luck fisherman. Last Saturday he caught several large trout in the Lake, weighing from four to six pounds. Harry Nash fished all day with him, and caught a good wetting and a bad cold.

Miss Lillie Morgan, the accomplished daughter of Hon. Gideon Morgan, of Tahlequah, passed through the city Monday. She was returning home from Muldrow, where she has been teaching the past term of the national school.

Miss Lillie Spears and her brother, O A Spears, departed Tuesday for Iowa, where Miss Lillie will make her future home. Numerous friends of Miss Spears gathered at the depot to bid her adieu, all of whom regretted to see her go, and whose best wishes went with her.

Page 5, column 2

W M Gibson, of Wagoner, has purchased the stock of the late Henry Spears at the depot Lunch house and will hereafter conduct the business. The stock is being enlarged, the house repapered and repainted and preparations made to serve the hungry public in the most please manner. Look for an ad in our next issue.

Superintendent Magoon, of the National Cemetery, spends much of his spare time at the Lake, yanking out, the beautiful speckled bass, wide-mouth trout and broad-sided sun perch. He enjoys the piscatorial sport, but his wife, he says, accuses him of buying his string of fish.

At Wagoner next Monday the Boston Bloomer Girls will cross bats with the boys up there and play them a game of baseball. That this novel game will attract a big crowd there is little doubt. There are said to be men and women in Wagoner who never saw a bloomer, and of course it will be a great show as well no doubt as an exciting game.

Dr. J S Fuller conducted a party of Fort Gibson ladies to the Lake on a fishing expedition yesterday afternoon. As The Post had no special reporter along it is not known yet whether a very great number of the finny tribe were captured or not. It is safe to say, however, that their strongholds were severely bombarded, some of them no doubt making miraculous escapes.

Miss Ollie Walker, the charming daughter of Judge and Mrs. R M Walker, returned Monday from Tahlequah, where she has been attending the Cherokee Female seminary.

Men's clothing good and cheap at W S Nash's.

Over 3,000 samples of the latest and most beautiful designs of Wallpaper, to be seen at C E Eifferts store. Call and examine it. Prices range from 2 1/2c to $1.50 per roll.

If you are think of papering your house call at C E Eiffert's store and see the beautiful samples of wall-paper. It is the latest designs.

For all kinds of first-class blacksmithing, such as plow work, horse-shoeing, buggy and wagon repairing, etc., go to E H Reynold's Depot Shop.

A fine lot of boy's clothing now going at actual cost at W S Nash's. Here are the best bargains of your life. Come and get your pick first.

W S Nash for bargains in clothing and dress goods.

Page 5, column 3

W S Nash for bargains in furniture.

Prescriptions filled day or night at Eiffert's.

Nice line of embroideries and laces at W S Nash's.

We will furnish estimates for wall paper free of charge, come and see us we know our business. C E Eiffert.

The Board of Education announces that all primary teachers will be paid during the Institute and not in June as has been announced in other papers.

The members of the Christian Endeavor and many of their friends enjoyed a summer social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W S Nash Monday evening.

Jno M Taylor, solicitor and special revenue collector for Cooweescoowee district, passed through the city last Saturday going to Muskogee on business.

W M Lynch, Fort Gibson's reliable and artistic tonsorial artist, will move his barber shop into the room in the F H Nash block just vacated by Attorney F J Boudinot, who has moved his office to the second floor of the same building.

GOING TO MUSKOGEE? - If so, get off at Fort Gibson and take J R Dyer's hack. This is the surest, quickest and cheapest way to go. Two hacks daily.

Go to W S Nash for your groceries and dry goods.

The finest grades of flour and meal can be found at W S Nash's.

A R Matheson will hang your wallpaper, insuring both quality of work and prices to suit you. See him about it.

Have your balcksmithing done, by E H Reynolds at the Depot Shop. He does all kinds of work and guarantees satisfaction.

Take your prescription to Eiffert's. They use new and pure medicine, no substitutes used.

No matter who you get to hang your wall paper, but go to C E Eiffert's to order it.

Page 5, spanning columns 4 & 5


Red Star Grocery Store - C E Eiffert, Proprietor

John F Wilson, Liveryman - Fort Gibson and Tahlequah

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Page 8, columns 1 & 2

Story about Bill Cook by W Trenton Canup

Page 8, columns 2 & 3

Reprint of article about Summer Normal School

Reprints from articles from other past issues

Page 8, columns 4-5

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Acme Grocery Co, R M Walker, Manager and Proprietor

The McBride House - W D McBride, Proprietor, East First Street, Fort Gibson


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