Ft. Gibson Post

Vol III No 26

Saturday April 16, 1898 (Part 2)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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ILLICIT STILL CAPTURED - A posse of revenue officers under Deputy Collector J P Kidd seized an illicit distillery on the Alabama line, not far from Lawrenceburg, Tenn. An Alabama desperado named Pat Owl alias Moore, showed fight, and was seriously wounded. The other owner of the still escaped.

WHAT WATSON SAYS - Hon Thomas E Watson, who was nominated for governor of Georgia by the populists, is out in an open letter declining to accept the honor. After saying he could not be elected, no matter how the ballots went, he announces that he is out of politics for good.

DR. D. C. MONTGOMERY - Dr. D C Montgomery, one of the oldest physicians of the Mississippi delta, died at Greenville, Miss. Dr. Montgomery was surgeon of Armstrong's brigade, in the confederate army, and had been practicing his profession in Greenville since 1867.

THE "BATTLE OF FLOWERS" - At a meeting of ladies of San Antonio, Tex., it was decided to give the annual flower festival known as the Texas "Battle of Flowers," on April 21, in commemoration of the battle of San Jacinto.

MEXICAN GIRL KILLS HERSELF - Mrs. Josephena Pena, a young Mexican woman of good family, committed suicide at her home at Brackerville, Tex., by shooting through the head with a rifle. The cause is not known.

DIED SUDDENLY - George S Covert, of Meridian, Miss., president of the Meridian furniture factory, died suddenly. He was born in Detroit, Mich., and while a young man resided for a time in St. Louis.

THE NEW MILL AT AVONDALE - The new cotton mill plant at Avondale, Ala., which cost $600,000 has been started. It will make high-grade cotton cloth, 1,000 looms and 35,000 spindles, and will employ 600 hands.

J S C BLACKBURN ILL - Former Senator J S C Blackburn, of Kentucky, suffered a stroke of paralysis at Washington. He regained consciousness soon, and was believed to be out of danger.

A BAD NEGRO ARRESTED - "Major" Washington, colored, arrested in Texarkana, Tex., on the charge of horse-stealing in Fall county, Tex., is also wanted at Troy, Ala., on the charge of murder.

CAPT SIMON LEVY, JR - Capt Simon Levy, Jr., president of the Commercial national bank of Shreveport, La., died recently. He was a native of Germany and 59 years of age.

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THE POST - Editor Will T Canup

Fort Gibson, April 16, 1898

Although it is getting warmer each day, the time for ice is about here.

Fort Gibson has become a passenger distributing point for both Muskogee and Tahlequah.

War! War! War! Everybody seems to want war, but nobody wants to fight. War is all right, but it a little bit dangerous to fight.

"Wars and rumors of wars" are just now covering up a multitude of sins. The Ross report on the $126,000 Cherokee steal, for instance.

Uncle Sam's patriotism may prove a very expensive luxury to him before he gets through licking Spain. He is able to do it, though, nevertheless.

The best step Fort Gibson ever took was the first step she took toward re-incorporating the town. Now if she will keep on stepping she will soon be a-flying.

Every citizen of Fort Gibson should chip in on the expenses of having the town surveyed and incorporated. Don't hang back and compel a few to do it all.

The poor old Indian Territory is still slumbering in the arms of uncertainty, while the rest of the big round world continues to prosper. How long, oh Congress, how long?

What has become of the report that the investigating committee from Washington was expected to make on the alleged $126,000 Cherokee steal? Has the war talk with Spain scared them off the roost?

Owing to running a little sort on paper for the past two issues, we were unable to supply a few of our out of town subscribers with The Post. A larger supply of paper has been ordered, however, and all will get their Post hereafter. This shortage was caused by the phenominal growth of our subscription lists since the first of the year. We are determined to keep up with the procession, even if we have to order our paper in car load lots.

Fort Gibson has made application to Judge Springer for incorporation under the Arkansas statutes. Even the old battle-scarred veteran wants her sails in trim so she can sail smooth seas when the Curtis bill becomes a law. Nearly all the Territory towns of consequence are now or soon will be incorporated municipalities, and while under existing conditions the local government is somewhat unsatisfactory, even as things are there are benefits and privileges that the incorporated towns enjoy of which the others are deprived - Muskogee Phoenix

     United States of America
     Indian Territory
     Northern District
     Hon Wm M Springer, Judge of the United States Court, Northern District of Indian Territory: The undersigned inhabitants residing within the limits of the territory hereinafter describe, petitioning for organization as a municipal corporation under the laws of the United States, beg leave to represent and show to the Court --
     First - That the territory proposed
Page 4, Column 2
     to be embraced in the said corporation is bounded as follows: [a long legal description follows] ... an accurate map or plat of which territory is hereto attached and made a part of this petition.
     Second - The name proposed for the said incorporation is "Fort Gibson," being the name by which the said territory (more or less) as organized under certain laws of the Cherokee nation has been heretofore known.
     Third - They appoint and delegate Frank J Boudinot, F H Nash and Hubbard Ross as the persons authorized and empowered to act for them in the prosecution of this petition; wherefore said petitioners pray that the inhabitants within said territory be organized and incorporated into a town under the name and style of "The Incorporated Town of Fort Gibson," with all the powers and liabilities by law pertaining thereto, for all of which your petitioners will ever pray.
     Said petition having been filed the time for the hearing thereof is set for the 20th day of May, 1898, at Muskogee, I.T., at which time and place all parties wishing to resist the incorporation of said territory are notified to be present and offer such objections as they may see fit.
     Given under our hands as agents for said petitioners mentioned and appointed in said petition, this the 11th day of April, 1898. F J Boudinot, F H Nash, Hubbard Ross, Agents.

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John Berd is now behind the counters at Walkers drug store.

Miss Emma Coleman is visiting friends in Muskogee this week.

Harry Nash departed Monday for a visit to relatives in Louisiana

F H Nash, the big Merchant, was in Muskogee on business Monday.

John F Wilson, the veteran leveryman, was here several days this week.

Hubbard Ross, our obliging postmaster, was in Muskogee Monday on business.

Arthur Reed of Tahlequah was here Monday on his way home from St. Louis.

Agent Shaffer ventured to attend the K. of P. lodge meeting Wednesday night.

G J Tombs went over to Muskogee Sunday to visit his daughter, Mrs. Beverly Berry.

Otto White has sold his interest in the bakery and restaurant, and Leo Desilver is now sole proprietor.

Mrs. R E Bulter was in Muskogee Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, visiting Mrs. C W Turner.

Have your blacksmithing done by E H Reynolds at the Depot Shop.

A H Norwood, ex-Mayor of Claremore and a prominent attorney, was in the city Monday, returning home from Muskogee.

Dr. and Mrs. G A McBride returned Wednesday from the I.O.O.F. grand lodge at South McAlester, to which the Doctor was a delegate.


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