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Ft. Gibson Post

Vol III No 23

Saturday March 26, 1898 (Part 3)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Page 5, column 3

           The Initial Performance at Walker's Opera House

     The initial attraction at Walker's Opera House Tuesday night, notwithstanding unfavorable conditions, was a success. The Lady Africa Specialty Co. held the boards and drew a very good audience, and but for the beastly bad weather the house would have been filled from pit to dome - from the bald head row to the peanut gallery.
     It was noticeable that the best people in the city were represented in the audience, all the reserved seats being filled. Nor were anyone disappointed in the evening's entertainment. It was good, notwithstanding uncompleted state of the stage and scenery. The Lady Africa Co., carry some good people and deserve good houses which they generally get. The singing and dancing is especially good.
     The next attraction will be Oakes' Comic Specialty Co. and Swiss Bell Ringers, next Friday night April 1st.

     In commemoration of the closing of Miss Ethel Payne's school last week a number of ladies and gentlemen joined the teacher and her students in a play party and candy pulling at the school room. It was an occasion long to be remembered by all there, as everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Many laughable old-time plays were indulged in by the entire party. Such as "skip-to-me-Lou," "down on this carpet you must kneel," "chase that goose with a broken wing," all of which everybody enjoyed. As the hour was nearing 11 p.m., it was suggested to disperse and go home. Miss Ethel agreed to the suggestion, but feeling that the programme of the evening was not yet completed, called the house to order and announced that the meeting was open for testimonies for the Savior, to which many responded. At the conclusion of testimonies the little party, at the request of Miss Payne, went down upon their knees and humbly supplicated in prayer and thanksgiving to Him who rules and reigns on high at the final amen. The party dispersed with a kind good-night and returned to their homes joyous and happy.

James Elliott of Wagoner, was down this week looking around with a view of locating in Fort Gibson.

Miss Rover Eiffert, who is attending school at Muskogee, came over this week to spend a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Eiffert.

Harry Nash came near losing one of his new cottages east of the depot Thursday morning by fire, caused by a defective stovepipe. The fire in the roof was discovered in time to stop it.

Page 5, column 4

Capt. D F Stephens, of the National Cemetery, has returned from a very enjoyable visit to Memphis, Tenn., and is now ready to go ahead with the reorganization of the Grand River flotilla.

Cale Starr of Tahlequah was in the city yesterday, going home from Wagoner.

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Page 8, column 1


F J Boudinot, Attorney, Ft. Gibson, next door west of the Post Office

Horace Bradley, C C Wells, H R Bonner, Lawyers - Wagoner

Wm N Littlejohn, Wilson O Burton, Jas W Breedlove, Attorneys-at-law, Sallisaw and Muldrow

William F Rasmus, Attorney, Tahlequah

H Dawes, Luther Ryle, Attorneys, Tahlequah & Muskogee

G W Baker, Lawyer, Tahlequah

J Warren Reed, Attorney, Fort Smith, Ark and Muskogee

James M Howard, Physician & Surgeon, East Fort Gibson, office over postoffice

R D Seals, Resident Dentist, Fort Smith, Ark

Palace Barber Shop, W M Lynch, Prop. Ft. Gibson

A R Matheson, painter, paperhanger

J R Dyer's hack line

Mrs. C L Bowden, Fort Gibson, setting eggs

     In the United States Court, Indian Territory, Northern District, sitting at Muskogee., Frank Masek, Plaintiff vs Katherine Masek, Defendant. No 3481. To the Defendant, Katherine Masek, is warned to appear in this court within thirty days, and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Frank Masek. Witness, the Honorable Wm. M. Springer, Judge of said court, and the seal thereof at Muskogee, Indian Territory, this the 11th day of March A.D. 1898. James A. Winston, Clerk. Cravens, deGraffenroid & vonWeise, Attorneys for Plaintiff. Earle Edmundson, Attorney for non-resident Defendant.

Page 8, column 2


It is said there are three men now in the Muskogee jail for shooting quails and fishing with nets and seins.

Capt Wm Jackson, ex-mayor of Wagoner and well-known attorney, was down Tuesday on legal business.

The fishing season has opened and big buffalo and cat, weighing from 50 pounds down are being brought in for sale almost daily.

Henry Eiffert has been making war on rabbits the past week. They have been eating his young fruit trees, and he has exterminated scores of them.

Don't fish in the lake with tramel nets or seins, for it is positively against the Arkansas law, now in force and effect in this Territory. A hint to the wise should be sufficient.

The recent heavy rains raised the lake out of its usual channel, big fish came up into shallow water and thereby lost their lives at the points of gigs and spears. Some big ones were caught.

Joseph Lynch and Miss Georgia Vann, both of Webber Falls, were married one day last week. Both are popular young Cherokees, with hosts of warm friends and well-wishers.

Attorney Chas. Pierce, of Braggs, was up Tuesday looking after the interest of his client in settlement of the Walker-Harris property, as proportioned by the late Supreme court decision.

F H Nash has received a nice lot of spring and summer advertising novelties, such as fans, etc., which will be distributed free to his customers. In the lot came also a large umbrella or sun-shade for his delivery wagon. The firm and business is represented on top of the umbrella in large letters, which may easily be read from the top of any of our four or five-story buildings.

A A Taylor, of Tahlequah, was here Tuesday on his way to Wagoner having in charge Jodie Ross and Jack Luther, two colored boys, who are charged with burning the Presbyterian Mission and robbing Stapler's store at Tahlequah some months ago. Jack Luther, who is a mere boy, was arrested here by Mr. Taylor Monday night.

A good item we failed to chronicle last week was the marriage of Mr. John Sturnes, of this district, to Miss Minnie Johnson. Mr. Starnes is an ex-member of the Cherokee council, who made an enviable record while serving his people in that capacity, being an author and champion of several good measures for the good of the Nation. His bride is an estimable white lady, also of this district. The Post joins their many friends in hearty congratulations.

Page 8, column 3

S W Fooy, of Braggs, was up Monday night to attend the regular meeting of the Fraternal Aid Society of this city. Before departing Tuesday Mr. Fooy became a subscriber to The Post.

     The next attracting at Walker's Opera House will be a grand musical treat. The Swiss Bell Ringers are perhaps the most famous entertainers of the kind now on the road. They make the most sublime music ever heard, interspersed with funny specialties and laughable jokes. This company is highly endorsed by every town in which they have appeared. They will be at Walker's Opera House next Friday, April 1st.


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