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Ft. Gibson Post

Vol III No 22

Saturday March 19, 1898 (Part 2)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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Fresh groceries, good and cheap at the new Acme.

Ribbon cane syrup 30 cents a gallon at C E Eiffert's.

Look at the new lot of mens' hats. Butler Mercantile Co.

Henry Eiffert has been attending court in Wagoner this week.

First class carriage repair work done at Reynolds Depot Shop.

Monarch hose, in black, tan and oxblood. Butler Mercantile Co.

Lady Africa Specialty Company at Opera House on Tuesday night.

Mrs. Dr. Howard will entertain the social crowd one evening next week.

Mrs, R E Butler and son is visiting her mother, Mrs. Lindsey of Choteau.

C F Dege was called home Saturday on the account of illness of his father.

Mrs. A M Pope was down from Oolagah this week visiting her mother, Mrs. M K Trent.

This is the season of the year when men begin to tell fish yarns, all wool and several yards long.

C D Bowden has been seriously ill for the past week or more, but is now recovering slowly.

Rev W M Hamilton of Tahlequah preached an interesting sermon at the Presbyterian church Sunday last.

Miss Clara Haygood one of Fayetville Ark most accomplished young ladies is visiting Mrs. W D McBride.

Attorney F J Boudinot and wife are in St. Louis, where Mr. Boudinot was called on important legal business.

The Ft Gibson dramatic club met at the home of Miss Fanny Nash Wednesday evening to arrange for a play in the near future.

Attorney W W Hastings and Sheriff A B Cunningham, both of Tahlequah, were in the city yesterday on their way to Wagoner court.

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Prof L C Slater, the celebrated elocutioniest, will give an entertainment this, (Saturday) evening in the chapel of the School for the Blind, begining at 7:30. Prof Slater is a reciter of rare ability and will no doubt entertain his audience tonight in his usual laughable, instructive and amusing manner. A small admission fee of .10 and 15 cents will be charged, the entertainment being given for the benefit of the School for the Blind.

The first of this week it was reported that Capt Stephens intended reforming the Grand River Flotilla but it was learned that a subermine mine had been placed in the harbor near the bridge and the project was again abandoned. This of course settled the war question.

The fellows who are fishing in the lake near here with seins and nets will be reported to Judge Springer if they continue. Its all right to fish with hooks, but seins and nets don't go any longer.

Mrs. R M Walker, her little daughter, Rosa, and Miss Emma Coleman, spent a few days in Tahlequah last week.

Dr. G A McBride went to Checotah Tuesday last to attend the funeral of W L Johnson, a wealthy cattleman.

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J M Smith, the reliable piano and organ dealer of the Cherokee Nation, was here yesterday. He had just attended a meeting of the Muskogee Fair Association, of which he is a member, and informed The Post that it had been decided to hold a big fair this fall, for which preparations have already begun.

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[School for the Blind - same article printed in prior issues]


Mrs. E J Amerine and son Willie of Posy, I.T. are visiting her daughter, Mrs. G W Henry, at the school for the blind this week.

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