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Ft. Gibson Post

Vol III No 21

March 10, 1898 (Part 4)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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Page 6, column 1

[I normally bypass the pages that are pre-printed and have no local news but yet these pages are pages our ancestors read and enjoyed. So I thought I'd hit the highlights of this issue's pre-printed pages to give you some idea of what they contain. These pages almost always contain the same type of items.]

[column 1 is usually editorials on current events]

That the war excitement has injured the liquor business in the country, as is testified to, is gratifying proof of the fact that Americans do not depend upon "Dutch courage" in an emergency.

The Klondikers will be safe from any great amount of suffering upon the arrival of the first installment of women. In high latitudes it is said an ounce of sweets more than equals a pound of substantials.

The press censor at Havana, it is said, uses a red pencil to excise matter from dispatches or newspaper reports objectionable to the Spanish government. The color well fits the sanguinary frame of the Spanish mind.

The government has abandoned its Klondick relief expedition for the reason that its necessity is found to have been largely in the imagination of sensationalists. Troops, however, are required to preserve order among the motley throngs gathering at Skaguay and Dyea.

It is said that the Spanish divers will report unequivocally that the blowing up of the Maine was the result of accident within the craft. Undoubtedly they will; they would not dare do otherwise, no matter what might be the character of the evidence they found.

The Spaniards are given to prating about their honor, and flaunting it before our vision at every opportunity. Honor that sanctions the making of war upon unarmed non-combatants, the wholesale slaughter of women and children, and the selling of helpless girls into worse than slavery, is not of the quality that Americans take stock in.

The London News expresses much in a few words when it says that "Spain has ruined Cuba as she has ruined or lost every other colony, but the grossest corruption, cruelty and maladministration. Every one familiar with history knows that this charge is true. Spain has been stripped of the most of her colonial possessions by revolution caused by her rapacity and now Cuba is about to slip from her grasp.

In the light of his instructions to naval officers to keep closed mouths until the Maine court of inquiry reports, Secretary Long's remarks in relation to Spain's responsibility for the loss of the vessel and its gallant crew was unfortunate inasmuch as it was liable to misconstruction, and was, in fact, misconstrued and eagerly seized upon by the newspaper correspondents and interpreted to suit their individual ideas.

Spain may buy more warships if she can get the money - but she will not dare send them very far from home unless accompanied by a fleet of tenders to keep them supplied with coal. The modern naval war engine is a great coal consumer and with Cuban and Porto Rican ports blockaded a Spanish fleet would be practically helpless while it would be mere pastime for some of vessels to scatter their coal fleets.

No man is permitted to wantonly destroy his estate. If he fires his buildings, uproots his crops and terrorizes tenants the law takes him in hand as a madman, and releases him only after he has learned that ownership is modified by the rights of others. Spain has nearly wiped out our large commerce with Cuba but when we speak of intervention no answer is returned except a hostile defiance. The limit of forebearance will soon have passed.

Much that has been said of possible delays at Washington was probably uncalled for, and will be found in the end to have been based upon a misjudgement. Responsibility is deliberate, and properly so up to a certain point. Some impatience has been felt over the time consumed by the Maine board of inquiry, but it is certainly important that its report shall include a clear statement of all obtainable facts. As a nation we can not afford to be too precipitate. We must be right.

Hubner's statistical and geographical tables, as a result of the latest investigations. Gives the population of the world at 1,535,000,000. This is an increase over the figures of 1896 of 23,000,000. To this increase Europe is credited with contributing 5,700,000; Asia 6,200,000; Africa 7,500,000; America 3,200,000. The United States, with its great growth, estimated by this authority is 2,800,000, and its present population, placed at 72,300,000, represents more than 53 per cent of the entire population of North and South America.

Page 6, column 2

Calendar for March 1898 (the 1st was on a Tuesday and the 31st on a Thursday).

NEWS IN BRIEF. Compiled from Various Sources.

CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. - In the senate on the 1st a favorable report was made upon Mr. Bacon's resolution providing for the erection of a bronze memorial tablet commemorative of the offices and sailors who lost their lives in the Maine disaster in Havana harbor. ... bankruptcy bill discussed ... The Alaska homestead and right of way bill discussed ... Loud bill relating to second-class mail matter ... pension appropriation bill was presented and agreed to ...

PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. - The President is making ready for the next important movement relative to the Cuban question. ... Hon Trent Hamiltion of Holm Patrick, County Dublin, ... died on the 6th. [obituary follows] ... The report that John F Armstong, a prominent mining man in Ishpening, Mich., had committed suicide was denied on the 6th. Mr. Armstrong was killed by an accident in one of his mines on the 4th. ... US Senator Mills of TX .. withdraws from race for re-election ... In Athens ... recent attempt upon the life of King George of Greece. ... A Sheppard, one of the most prominent citizens of the Philadelphia, died ...

CRIMES AND CASUALTIES. - British .. two seamen were playing with a fuse in the shell-room when they set fire to some stores ... no serious injuries. ... The greater part of Bern, Kas., was destroyed by fire on the 2nd. One life, that of Christopher Gonzort, was lost ...
Page 6, column 3
Gen. Lanares .. in Cuba .. was utterly routed .. the battle lasted 5 days. ... A J Cassay's famous Chesterbrook stock farm near Berwyn, Pa., was almost completely destroyed by fire ... Two returning Klondikers, having $160,000 between them, were found frozen to death on the trail .. ... Cedar Rapids, Ia., while out walking, and apparently without cause, Alfred S Healy, about 25 years old, shot and instantly killed Miss Libby Brauscand, 15 years old, and then sent a bullet through his head. He will probably die. ... tenement house fire in Pittsburgh, PA .. one person was suffocated, and died later, several more .. seriously burned ...

MISCELLANEOUS. - ... jubilee anniversary of the Italian constitution was celebrate in Rome ... Failures for week ended Mar 4 .. as reported by Dun & Co .. 251 .. last year 246 ... all of the Maine survivors received a month's pay ... London country council .. secured 68 seats ... The navy department is .. replenishing supply of ammunition ... six additional American war vessels expected in Hong Kong ... Tangier .. a number of jews killed .. Jewesses abducted ...

CONDENSED TELEGRAMS. - It is believed that the Spanish divers have been instructed .. to report that the Maine was destroyed by accident ... Joseph Graham .. English .. builder of the big dock in Havana harbor .. trouble getting paid by Spain .. says he will raise the English flag over the dock and haul it to Jamaica.

IRISH AMERICANS. Celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of the Rebellion of 1798. - Denver, Col. ... celebration of the centennial anniversary of the Irish Rebellion of 1798 ... [article describing the event]

GOLD STRIKE ON THE BIG SALMON. - [article about the gold strike]


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