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Ft. Gibson Post

Vol III No 20

March 3, 1898 (Part 3)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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Butler Mercantile ad spanning columns 1-5

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Seed potatoes at Eifferts, the best on the market.

Fresh groceries, good and cheap, at the new Acme.

Embroidery, silks and hoods, doylies etc, at Butler Mercantile Co.

The Iron Mountain has a crew of men at work on the stock yards.

I have got them rustling to keep up with low prices. C E Eiffert.

The Methodist choir met at Mrs. Payne's Sunday afternoon.

Bluebirds, book agents and spring poets have made their arrival.

New clothing, up-to-date goods, low prices, at Butler Mercantile Co.

Connell Rodgers, ex-senator of this district, was in the city yesterday.

Another car load new flour came in this week for the Butler Mercantile Co.

Hamilton-Brown Shoes are the best and cheapest. Sold by F H Nash.

Car load New York seed Irish potatoes just received. Butler Mercantile Co.

Groceries sold cheaper at C E Eiffert's that can be sold in Fort Gibson.

No matter who you get to hang your wall paper, but go to C E Eiffert's to order it.

Fancy new dress goods, laces, embroideries, etc., this week at the Butler Mercantile Co.

See the Demities, Lawns, Nansooks and other beautiful White Goods at F H Nash's.

Garden seed, blue grass, clover, timothy, corn seed, seed oats, etc., at Butler Mercantile Co.

See the beautiful line of Hamberg, Nansook and Swiss Enbroidries just received at F H Nash's.

12 pounds good green coffee $1.00, 8 pounds best green coffee $1.00, 20 pounds brown sugar $1.00, 2 pound
Page 5, column 2
can of corn 10 cents, canned apples 5 cents a can at C E Eiffert's.

Ribbon cane syrup 50 cents a gallon at C E Eiffert's.

W W Ross Jr son of Hon R B Ross of Tahlequah, was here yesterday.

Cabbage, Onions, Potatoes, Oranges, Bananas and Lemons at C E Eiffert's.

James Thompson, representing the Tahlequah Arrow as collector, was here yesterday.

Something new on foot - the famous fiting Shoes made by Peters Shoes Co at Butler Mercantile Co.

Sam McGehee was last Saturday baptized in Grand river by the Christian Crusaders.

Capt Wm Jackson and R A Wosey, both of Wagoner, were in the city Wednesday for a few hours.

Fine line of Silk Valancienes, Torchon and other Laces too numerous to mention, at F H Nash's.

A large invoice of fine spring and summer dress goods to arrive this week at Butler's Mercantile Co.

All kinds garden seed, New York seed potatoes, corn seed, oats, etc., at Butler Mercantile Company.

Latest styles in Laces, Embroideries, etc., will be on exhibition early next week at Butler Mercantile Company.

Paints, oils, varnishes, etc., at Eifferts. If you contemplate house-painting this spring, see Eiffert's.

Wear Peters Diamond brand shoes and you will wear diamonds. For sale only by Butler Mercantile Co.

A R Matheson will hang you wall-paper, insuring both quality of work and prices to suit you. See him about it.

We did not buy a car load, but we have the largest invoice of dry goods shipped to this point in several years. Butler Mercantile Co.

FOR SALE - Business house and lot, centrally located on Front street; lot 60 by 150 feet; good business house on same. Apply at once to Will T Canup, agent, Fort Gibson, I.T. There is a great bargain
Page 5, column 3
here, and those interested should loose no time in making application.

Call at Eiffert's for your drugs, every thing new, every thing fresh in the drug line.

A full line of the famous brand Peters shoes just in at Butler Mercantile Co.

Hon Geo W Benge of Tahlequah was here Tuesday, going too Claremore and Washington.

Hon R B Ross, private secretary to Treasury Lipe of the Cherokee Nation, was in town yesterday.

Sheriff A B Cunningham of Tahlequah district passed through the city en route to Muskogee Wednesday.

Flour - $2.60; Flour- $2.50; Flour - $2.25. C E Eiffert's.

A large invoice of finest clothing ever shipped to the Cherokee nation to be opened next week at Butler Mercantile Co.

Have you seen F H Nash's new stock of Men's, Women's and children's Shoes? All styles and all kinds, and the best that are made.

Miss Rosie Walker gave a birthday party Tuesday evening to her many young friends, and the little folks had a most delightful time.

Now is a good time to show your appreciation of The Post's efforts to advance the interests of the town. $1.00 per year in advance.

People who have tired them once will go many miles to buy the Hamilton-Brown Shoe. They are sold in Fort Gibson by F H Nash.

Shoes that are shoes, and shoes that are stylish, durable and cheap. Such are the celebrated Hamilton-Brown Shoes, sold by F H Nash.

If you are thinking of papering your house, call at C E Effert's store and see the beautiful samples of wall-paper. It is the latest designs.

Over 3,000 samples of the latest and most beautiful designs of Wallpaper to be seen at C E Eifferts store. Call and examine it. Prices range from 2 1.2c to $1.50 per roll.

Page 5, column 4-5

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Page 6-7 - Preprinted No local news

Page 8 - column 1

[Professional cards - ads]

Page 8 - column 2

[Long article about the School For the Blind]

Call on Eiffert for Paints, Oils and Wall paper.

We make no mistakes in putting up your medicine, C E Eiffert.

Miss Ada Sellman of Kendall college has gone to Colorado for her health.

Smoke the celebrated Geo W Childs cigar, to be had only at Eiffert's.

Jon F Wilson, the well-known Fort Gibson and Tahlequah liveryman is in the city.

Take your prescriptions to Eiffert's. They use new and pure medicine, no substitutes used.

The ladies are invited to call and examine our line of wall paper, we have all the latest designs for wall
Page 8 - column 3
paper, picture moulding, etc. C E Eiffert.

When your plow needs a new point you want a good one. Jess Bagwell is the blacksmith that can do it for you.

30 pounds beans - $1.00; 20 bounds lima beans - $1.00; at Eiffert's

Dr. W T Adair, late Medical superintendent of the Cherokee Orphan Asylum, is in the city.

Rev John Ross of Tahlequah, a prominent Presbyterian minister, passed through the city yesterday.

We will furnish estimates for wall paper free of charge, come and see us we know our business. C E Eiffert.

Wm V Casey of Nowata, is in the city, looking to important developments of the mineral resources of this vicinity.

H J Jennings, attorney-at-law and editor of the Bartlesville Magnet, was a pleasant caller at The Post sanctum Wednesday.

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