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Ft. Gibson Post

Vol III No 19

February 24, 1898 (Part 1)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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Boxed Ads - W S Nash; R M Walker; C E Eiffert

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FIVE TRIBES IN CONGRESS. Curtis Bill Will Probably Pass Both the House and Senate. ...

Page 2 & 3 - preprinted no local news

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[print is extremely fuzzy - I'll do the best I can]

     It appears at last the authorities at Washington have taken the matter in hand and now as soon as arrangements can be completed there will be ample provision made for schools and educational institutions for white and colored non-citizens in the Indian territory. A letter from Hon H S McKendon (?) of the Dawes commission has just been received at the office together with document No 216 (218?) introduced in congress and will become a law as the same law been agreed upon.
     It is represented to congress that there are 30,000 white children in this territory growing up in ignorance and deprived of educational advantages who must be provided for as an imperative duty.
     This document mentions the school for the blind started here by Miss Rosa Rowland and what good work this school is doing and proposes to do. It seems altogether likely that Miss Rowland's school will soon receive government aid. To sum up. It is now settled that white and colored non-citizens of the Indian Territory will soon be cared for.

More on the Curtis Bill [summary of the front page story with comments]

Page 4 - Column 2

Good chickens are like good horses. Set good eggs and good chickens will hatch. Mrs C L Bowden of Fort Gibson has the finest stock of chickens in the country. She will sell eggs for setting purposes beginning March 1 at $1 per setting 13 eggs. If you want them apply now.

MULDROW ITEMS - An Interesting Budget of News From a Special Reporter

The town continues to improve. Jess Watts, mayor, has moved to old printing office building which he is fitting up for a court room. He has also moved his old office building.

Dr. Turnham has concluded to add another story to his stone building now in course of construction. It has a frontage of 43 feet on Main street.

Wm Payne has bought out the Baley store, which stock he has greatly enlarged, making next to Breedloves' the largest general store in town.

Fred Holden is acting as town marshal in the absence of Chas. Shermer (?). One of his first official acts was to arrest a preacher charged with disturbing the peace.

A new paper to be called the Muldrow Press will be issued here Saturday of this week.

Elder S W Dougherty has just closed a series of very successful and interesting religious meetings here.

There was a good deal of excitement in town last Saturday caused by the arrest and trial of Rev Parker charged with disturbing the peace of an individual at a religious meeting. The complainant being Elder Cecil another preacher, whom Mr. Parker objected to as moderator in a debate.

R B Jenkins is one of the most enterprising and hustling men of the town. During the season, in connection with his store, he has bought cotton for outside partners to the amount of $50,000. The whole amount paid out for cotton at Muldrow this season is about $120,000.

A big Jew firm with about $50,000 stock of goods is talking about locating at Muldrow as soon as the townsite law passes.

This town is badly in need of public improvements, streets, sidewalks, etc., A class of men is needed who will take hold of such things; drains in places are also badly needed. It is hoped that such a wretched condition of public improvements will not long continue.

Page 4 - Column 3


J J Server (Servier ?) of Webber Falls accompanied his daughters <...> and Annie Server, this far on their way to Tahlequah where they will attend school at the Female Seminary.

The town of Webbers Falls has been surveyed and platted for the purpose of having it incorporated under the Arkansas law.

Miss Julia McDaniel, daughter of J E McDaniel died Feb 10th with the dreaded disease consumption.

ACME GROCERY COMPANY. Is Open and Ready for Business with A Full Line of Groceries ... under the management of R M Walker

Page 4 - Column 4

J M Smith of Tahlequah was in town Thursday. Mr. Smith is a veteran at the piano <.....> R M Walker <...> for the opera house. R K Adair, of Tahlequah <...> passed an order with him for a piano for the Male seminary. Mr. Smith has the confidence and respect of all whom he comes in contact with and this combined with the Estey goods which he represents insures him many sales.

[short mention of McBride Hotel .. almost impossible to read .. but appears to be apologizing for leaving the McBride Hotel out of the Boomer issue]

Page 4 - Column 5

[article about the School for the Blind that was also left out of the Boomer edition]

Page 5 - Column 1


[almost all small one line ads this week]

The vitascope show in town was all right.

Dr. Otto Rogers of Webber Falls is visiting his mother this week.

The Waters-Pierce Company placed its large oil tank in position this week.

The Baence String Band of Muscogee, composed of Messrs. E C Fisk, J R Kinsley, Louis Garlond and Tom Cunningham, visited Fort Gibson Monday night and serenaded
Page 5 - Column 2
several places. Their music was of the best class and well rendered.

J E Timemrman, with Wear Boogher Dry Goods Co of St. Louis was in town last Friday.

There will be a speaking at the M E Church Saturday night on the subject of insane asylums. Admission 10 cents.

Dr. B E Fortner and daughter, Miss Lucile of Vinita, passed through the city last night on their way home from Vinita.

The Epworth League will give a social tomorrow (Friday) night at the home of Jeff Miller, just southeast of the depot. Everything will be free, as usual, and a good crowd and a good time is expected.

Page 5 - Column 3

Mrs. Alice Delay of Prior Creek stopped off on her way to Tahlequah and visited her sister, Mrs. Flora Thornton, several days this week.

H B Graves, a well known and popular school teacher of Fort Gibson, is now conducting a very successful private school at Illinois Station.

Jess Bagwell has put in a telephone line between his shop and residence. The mode of transmission is a little "jerky," but that will be remedied as quick as possible.

W P Cunningham, of Tahlequah, was in the city this week. Mr. Cunningham has just purchased a fine farm in Cooweescoowee district and means to hold on to it. Of course he is right.

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