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Ft. Gibson Post

Vol III No 17

February 17, 1898 (Part 6)

Special 16 page "Boom" Edition - Page 12 (cont)-16

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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(Vian Continued)

J L Clark
     the stockman, of Turkey Trace fame, ranches on the Illinois. Mr. Clark is a batchelor but we hope soon to see him happily married. He is genial and wholesouled possessing many good traits of character.

Dan Speight
     backsmith and wagon work, makes a specialty of horse shoeing and is always glad to see his customers. Uncle Dan is from Arkansas, he has been here two years and always gives satisfaction to his many patrons.

L J Rogers
     Attorney-at-law, ex-school teacher and editor, will practice in all the courts. John is one of the boys and our wish for him is success.

Vian Lodge No 39, I.O.O.F.
     This lodge was instituted September 1896, with eight charter members, it now has a membership of forty-six and is in a flourishing condition. Lodge meets every Wednesday night.    

Advantages of Fort Gibson (continued from page one.)
     ...tious grazing lands, plenty of the purest water on earth, and abundance of wood and coal near bye. What more could the most ambitious desire?
     In unity there is strength, and a town divided against itself cannot prosper. Then with unity as our watchword, the energy and business ability of the citizens of Fort Gibson can soon make the city the greatest in the Indian country.

Page 12 Column 5
     Professional Cards (ads);
     F J Boudinot, Ft. Gibson
     Horace Bradley, C C Wells, H N Bonner, Wagoner
     Wm N Littlejohn, Wilson O Bruton, Jas W Breedlove, Sallisaw & Muldrow
     William F Rasmus, Tahlequah
     B Dawes, Luther Kyle, Tahlequah & Muskogee
     G W Baker, Tahlequah
     J Warren Reed, Ft. Smith, AR;
     James M Howard, East Fort Gibson
     F L Leiser, Hanson
     R D Seals, Dentist, Ft. Smith
     D J W Kelly, Ft Smith
     W M Lynch, Palace Barber Shop, Ft Gibson
     A R Matheson, Painter & Paperhanger
     J R Dyer, Hacks
     For Rent: R C Adams bottom place at the mouth of Ranger Creek on Grand River. For particulars apply to H C Meigs, Ft. Gibson

Page 13 Column1-5
     Ad for Butler Mercantile

Page 13 Column 1
     Traditional. Some Anecdotes Regarding the Indians. Indian Cradle Song. .... Lohn Ridge, a former chief of the Cherokee Indians, who left Tennessee eighty-two years ago, says the Muskogee Phoenix. He is located in San Francisco ....

Discover of the Cherokees. [short article on the discovery of the Cherokee Indians in Florida]

Page 13 Column 1 -2

Another Payneful Story [article on John Payne and the Indians in Alabama and Georgia]

 Page 13 Column 3
     Whistle by Telephone. Although it is 21 long weary miles from this place to Tahlequah, the whistle of the first locomotive engine that ever passed through Fort Gibson was plainly heard in Tahlequah. That was in June, 1888. The locomotive stopped in front of J S Scott's store, in which the telephone office was kept at that time. The telephone was properly adjusted and the engineer blew a long, loud blast from his whistle and it was distinctly heard at the Tahlequah end of the line.

For Sale - House and Ten lots - T Jay Thornton, Ft. Gibson

Page 14 - Preprinted - no local news

Page 15 - Preprinted - no local news

Page 16 Columns 1-5

Important Discovery Near Redland. Bones of a Pre-Historic Race Unearthed. A Hint of the Origin of the Aborigines of American Brought to Light by Recent Investigation. [article about the mound builders]

[Center of page is a poem by D P Cloyd.] The Dark-Eyed Cherokee

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