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Ft. Gibson Post

Vol III No 17

February 17, 1898 (Part 5)

Special 16 page "Boom" Edition - Page 12 (cont)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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[VIAN column - continued]

C W Phillips
     Druggist and drugstore sundries, also postmaster of this place. He has been in business for two years. He has during this time built up a good and lucrative business handling fruits, nuts, etc., "in season," in connection with his other business. Mr. Phillips or Charlie, as he is better known among his many friends, is genial and affable, a regular up to date business man, always ready to lend a helping hand in any charitable undertaking, in fact, he is a thorough business man leaves nothing undone on his part to make a dollar or to advance the interests of Vian and community. He has on his staff of clerks that are well known and agreeable, G B Foreman, who caters to the wants of his many customers, and especially the young ladies. Och is a hale fellow well met and has kind words for everybody. Mr. Foreman is assistant postmaster. Mr. Mack Cypert is also with Mr. Phillips, having come here about one month ago. Whilst a stranger when he came he is forming many acquaintance and making friends rapidly. The simple fact of his being connected with the establishment of Mr. Phillips is a sufficient guarantee that Mr. Cyper is an up to date man.

Dr W T Bryan's
     shingle hangs at the front door of Mr. Phillips drug establishment and his office is within. Everyone knows Dr. Bryant and he has a fine and lucrative practice.

W E McConnell
     W E McConnell, who has been with Mr. Wallace Thorton for the past two years has gone into business at the Old post office. He handles flour, meat, corn, oats, in fact everything the farmer may want in this line. Buying in car lots, he is able to sell as cheap as the cheapest. "Motto": quick sales and small profits.

Johnson and Hogtoter
     is the style of a new firm on the east end. They carry groceries and dry goods. Both of the above gentlemen are well and favorably known to all the full bloods and old settlers in this country. They are doing a good business.

The Rush Hotel
     is run by Mrs Matie L Huckelbery, wife of Judge J H Hucklebery, late of Van Buren, Ark. Mrs. Hucklebery is thoroughly,
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     familiar with the hotel business, knows just what the traveling public wants, and strives to please them. The table is supplied with everything the market affords, beds nice and clean and the rooms tidy.

H F Siesser
     is one of our new business men. He came here in December 1897, and bought out W W Johnson and added to that stock until now he has one of the best restaurants, best meat shops and some of the nicest confections to be found anywhere in the Indian Territory. Mr. Siesser came here from Missouri a stranger, but by his honest and square dealings his kindness and politeness has built up a trade that no one man can break down. He keeps a full line of fresh meats on hand at all times, can set a meal good enough for a supreme judge to sit down to at any time on very short notice, and keeps fresh bread and all kinds of confections on hand at all times.

Medlock & Cheek
     Barbers and tonsorial artists. These young men have just recently associated themselves together for the purpose of conducting an up-to-date barber shop, Mr. Cheek will always be found ready to serve the public. Motto: Sharp razors and clean towels.

Dr. W T Bryan
     is the oldest and one of the best physicians in Vian. Dr. Bryan graduated at Little Rock, Ark., in 1884, in evidence of which he has a diploma. He also holds a post graduate diploma from the New York Post Graduate School and Hospital, New York dated 1897. Dr. Bryan came here in 1894 and has been very successful, has many friends and is a gentleman of the first water.

Dr. W M Hunter
     is another of our gilt edge physicians, he having come here about eight or ten months ago and located here and has been having a good practice. He is a graduate of Baltimore, Md., holds a certificate of examination from the Indiana state medical board, also of the Ohio state medical board, and he, like the other doctors of this place seem to be wearing good clothes and have plenty to eat.

Dr. H H Dobson
     Last but not least comes Dr. H H Dobson. Every one knows Dr. Dobson, he having practiced in this part of the country for the last ten years. He has been located in Vian for more than a year and has a good practice.

Judge M'Combs
     United States Commissioner of the Fourth Judicial District of the Northern District of the Indian Territory. It is needless to say what a polite and nice gentleman Judge McCoombs is, for most everyone in the Cherokee National knows him. He is said to have sent more men to the Muscogee court than any commissioner in the territory. While those he sent to jail may not think him so nice, still the judge only done his duty as he was sworn to do, and good law-abiding citizens always shake his hand and say: "Well done, thou good and faithful servant, you ought to go higher."

Judge Wm Thompson
     Next comes Judge Wm Thompson, judge of the Cherokee court of Illinois district, and it is said he makes the best judge the Cherokees have had in many years. We all know him here as "Bill," but never the less he is a judge and a good one and besides being a judge he is a citizen any town could feel proud of having. He has lived all his life here, and knows most everyone in Illinois District, Cherokee Nation. He is one of the best politicians in the Cherokee Nation. He is one of our leading citizens, always ready at any time to lend a helping hand or go down in his pocket after his
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dollars toward the upbuilding of the town in which he lives. He owns quite a lot of property in and around Vian, and if we had more men like Bill Thompson, we would soon make a first class city of Vian.

J C Henderson
     is our pool room man and has made a success of it. Mr. Henderson keeps tobaccos, cigars, choice candies, etc., and does a thriving business and invites his friends to call on him and he will help them pass away the time pleasantly.

J B Huckelberry, Sr.
     Attorney at law, came to Vian November 1896, practices in all the United States courts and makes a specialty of criminal business. The judge was prosecuting attorney Western District of Arkansas for four years, known as the Fort Smith Federal Court, Judge Parker presiding, also circuit judge of the Twelfth Judicial District of Arkansas for two and one-half years. Clients and litigants would do well to see Judge Huckelberry when in need of legal advice. He will give them the benefit of his long experience at the bar and on the bench.

J B Huckelberry, Jr.
     came to Vian in 1895. Practices in both the U.S. and Cherokee courts. Married in Oct 1897. James has a brilliant and promising future. He is attentive to business and is always proud to meet a client.

W A Leftwich
     proprietor of man and hack line between Vian and Tomaha. Hack daily leaving Vian at 8 o'clock a.m. returning arrives 4 o'clock p.m. Mr. Leftwich has been located at this place for five years and is well and favorably known.

W G Leftwich
     our popular railroad agent, has had charge of the depot for 2 years, is telegraph operator and very popular.

J F Turner, J B Berry
     J F Turner is Methodist minister and J B Berry Baptist minister who also has a good grocery store and prosperous business.

Mrs. J R Mayfield
     is our milliner and carries a full line of milliner goods, as good and as cheap as you can get at Fort Smith or anywhere else.

J R Mayfield
     is one of our successful Cherokee lawyers. He has practiced in Cherokee courts for years and knows the Cherokee law books almost by heart. Mr. Mayfield was our last Cherokee Mayor.

Mr. Cricket Thornton
     is our liveryman. He has at all times horses and vehicles on hand and can furnish horses and teams on short notice.

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