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Ft. Gibson Post

Vol III No 17

February 17, 1898 (Part 3)

Special 16 page "Boom" Edition - Page 5 (cont) -

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Page 5, column 4

MULDROW ITEMS An Interesting Budget of News From a Special Reporter. Muldrow, I.T. Feb 15 -

Over 4,000 bales of cotton have been shipped from this place the present season, and ginning is still going on.

Elder Derryberry, a Second Day Adventist preacher, has been preaching to crowded houses at this place for the past week, and has awakened much religious interest. The adventists do not teach eternal domination, but that "the wicked shall burn up root and branch, and be as though they never were, but the righteous shall inherit eternal life." This preacher is a young man and a wonderfully talented speaker, and is very familiar with the Bible. He has been challenged to a debate by Elder Parker, the Baptist preacher here. The debate is to commence Monday night and last four nights.

William Payne has bought out J M Raley's stock of goods and will
Page 5, column 5
continue in the business, making additions to the stock.

John Pattillo, late of Ramey, opened up his new store last Saturday. The store consists of dry goods and groceries, which he is selling at reduced prices.

     One of the most enjoyable events of the season was a valentine party given Monday evening, at the home of Miss Fanny Nash. An interesting and appropriate program, was arranged for the evening. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. L R Nash, Mr. and Mrs. C R Schaffer, Misses Gertrude Rogers, Clara Huber, Emma and Minnie Coleman, Bessie and Mollie Howard, Maggie French, Hettie Crow, Mary Duvall, Messrs. Chas Kochler, Gip Scott, Cliff Rogers, Albert and Frank Lewis, Chas Dege, Cecil Eiffert, Frank Nash and Ed Blackstone, from Webbers Falls.

Mrs. Flora Thornton was called to Tahlequah this week on account of the serious illness of her mother, Mrs. Ingram.

J W Antonie and Galen Steps, two prosperous farmers living near Tahlequah, passed through the city Monday, going to California on a trip of inspection. The present salubrious weather cannot be excelled in the golden state, and of course they will return satisfied to remain in the B. I. T.

<Drawing of nice looking young man > ROBERT EDWARDS JACKSON.
     Mr. R E Jackson, whose "likeness" appears above has become well known, especially in this Northern Judicial District of the B. I. T., as an able, eloquent and successful lawyer - unpretentious and fair - yet firm and presistent. We do not begrudge such men their good name. 34 years old, a graduate of the famous Vanderbilt Law School. Twelve years an advocate before the Muscogee and Commissioner Courts of this Territory. His broad, varied, and long experience has well enabled him to untie the many knots and "keep on to the rope" of our anamalous laws and courts. Through us, he tenders is professional services to our readers. His home offices are at Sallisaw, I. T.

Page 6-7 (pre-printed no local news)

Page 8, column 1


<one line ads won't be transcribed - C E Eiffert, F H Nash, A R Matheson & B M Walker are the main advertisers. Maybe because this is a special edition but there more of these little ads and less gossip than normal>

Tom Sheppard, colored, last week lost his house and contents to fire.

Mr. Ed Blackstone was in town Monday, on his way to the Seminary.

Chas Deye and Frank Nash, made a snapshot trip to Muscogee Sunday

Extra editions of this Special Edition can be had for 5 cents a piece at this office.

Miss Lutie Nash, spent Saturday and Sunday at home accompanied by Miss Ada Selwase.

Misses Ella and Lizzie McSpadden, of Chelesa, spent Friday night in the city with their cousin, Mrs. L R Nash.

Charles McDonal, Charles Dege, and Charles Kehler, attended the grand masquerade ball at Claremore last Thursday evening.

Page 8, column 2

One of the most sanguin believers in Fort Gibson's future greatness is Frenchy Miller. He would make a good chief of police when we get to metropolitan size.

William Hudson is this week helping the appearance of the city by building a new sidewalk on North First street, extending from Walker's drug store to Jesse McLain's. Walker and McLain pay the bill.

Judge Wm H Hendricks, one of our most prominent and patriotic Cherokees, and ex Senator of the Nation, was in town yesterday. Judge Hendricks contemplates a visit to Old Mexico next month with a view to joining the emigrating Cherokees to that sunny land.

Good chickens are like good horses. Set good eggs and good chickens will hatch. Mrs. C L Bowden, of Fort Gibson, has the finest stock of chickens in the country. She will sell eggs for setting purposes, beginning March 1 at $1 per setting, 13 eggs. If you want them apply now.

If the excitement in regard to Cuban affairs keeps at is present height there is a strong probability of a militia being sent from Ft Gibson to help fight against the squads. Col D F Stephens is interesting himself in organizing a militia and says that if he succeeds in recruiting one hundred men to volunteer their services to the Untied States government, they will receive $13 per month. Mr. Stephens is an old veteran and is fitted for just such an organization.

     Last Thursday, at the home of the bride's parents, occurred the marriage of D W Dickson, of Redland, I.T. to Miss Mattie J Hudson of this city. The happy couple were the recipients of many present from their numerous friends, which we publish in full:
Issac Vann, set ice cream dishes and plates.
Seymor Johnson, glass and finger bowl.
Mrs. Rosa Milton, celery stand.
Mrs. Polly Young, one bed spread.
Mrs. Jamima Poorboy one towel.
Mrs. Rachel Ward, set of plates.
Mrs. W H Fields, towel.
Mrs. Mariar Chase, one pitcher.
Mrs. Ada Dawson, one towel.
Mrs. J T Thompson, comb and brush.
Mrs. Jane Buffington, pincushion.
Mrs. Jennie Burges, one pair pillow cases.
Mrs. Julia Pack, one pare of pillow shams.
Miss Peggy young, set of napkins.
J B Young, one table cloth.
Mrs. Mary Butler, set of plates.
Mrs. Florence Starr, two pair of linen towels.
Miss Annie Fields, pair of towels.
Miss Nannie Meadows, one pair of towels.
R M Walker, one box of toilet soap.
Mrs. Mattie Linner, one lamp and butter dish.
Mrs. Silvia Thompson, 3 glasses.
Mrs. Polly Ross, pair of towels.
Mrs. Fannie Davis, butter dish.
Mr. and Mrs. Tulferd, parlor lamp.
J T Thompson, lamp.
Mason Butler, parlor lamp.
Miss Mary Davis, one set of tumblers.
T J Elliott, jewel case.
Miss Ennis Welch, one set of glasses.
Miss Johanna Humphy, cream pitcher.
Miss Henrietta Crossland, cream pitcher.
Willis Allen, pickle dish.
Mrs. Susie Walker, cream pitcher and butter dish.
Miss Annie E Chase,
Page 8, column 3
set of glasses.
Mrs. Jane Allen, one celery stand.
Mr. and Mrs. W A Hudson, celery stand.
Mrs. M Starr, celery stand.
Mrs. Sarah Ross, one set of glasses wash bowl and pitcher and dinner basket.
Mrs. W J Summer, set of tea cups and saucers.
Henry Pack, pitcher and set of plates.
Mrs. Maria Smith, one pitcher.
John Chase, one pitcher. Mrs. Mary Sumpter one syrup stand.
Mrs. Harriett Skates, one set of butter dishes and syrup stand.
Miss Cora G Alberty, table cloth and one dozen napkins.

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