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Ft. Gibson Post

Vol III No 15

January 27, 1898 (Part 2)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all

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Page 5, column 1


12 lbs good coffee, $1.00, at C E Eiffert's.

Don't forget that dollar you owe us on subscription.

Fort Gibson's new mill is now running on full time.

Business continues dull and will remain that way till congress does something.

See the Demities, Lawns, Nansooks and other beautiful White Goods at F H Nash's.

Attorney F J Boudinot has been transacting business at Tahlequah for several days.

Sam Horn, one of the oldest residents of Fort Gibson is dangerously sick at his home on Garrison Hill.

I have got them rustling to keep up with low prices. C E Eiffert.

Mrs. L R Nash and the children returned Tuesday from a pleasant visit to relatives at Chelsea.

For low price groceries go to C E Eiffert's

A number of the young people of the city enjoyed a social party at the home of judge R M Walker last Monday night.

Pure New Orleans Ribbon Syrup, 50c per gallon, at C E Eiffert's.

The Crusaders have gone, part of them to Tahlequah and part of them to Wagoner. They accomplished much good in Fort Gibson and we trust they will do the same at other places.

Something new on foot - the famous fiting Shoes made by Peters Shoe Co at Butler Mercantile Co.

The foundation is being put down for Walker's Opera House and Grocery Emporium. The first floor will be occupied by the Acme Grocery Store, R M Walker, manager.

Fine line of Silk Valencienes, Torchon and other laces too numerous to mention, at F H Nash's.

A society of young folks known as the "Christian Endeavor," has been organized at the Presbyterian church. Meetings are held on Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock.

Page 5, column 2

Judge Geo W Benge of Tahlequah was in town yesterday.

When you can't think of anything else to do, bring us a load of wood.

John F Wilson, the popular liveryman, came down from Tahlequah yesterday.

Bring your eggs, butter, chickens, etc to C E Eiffert and get the highest cash price for them.

Auditor A A Taylor of Tahlequah was attending to business in the city yesterday.

Shoes are shoes, and shoes that are stylish, durable and cheap. Such are the celebrated Hamilton-Brown shoes sold by F H Nash.

The Ladies Missionary Society held their regular meeting at the Presbyterian parsonage Tuesday afternoon.

A subscription school was begun at the M E Church South last Monday. Miss Payne is the teacher.

People who have tried them once will go many miles to buy the Hamilton brown Shoe. They are sold in Fort Gibson by F H Nash.

Editor A J Kendricks of the Fort Smith News Record, was rustling in our midst yesterday.

An Epworth League has been organized at the Methodist church, which meets on Tuesday night of each week.

Groceries sold cheaper at C E Eiffert's than can be sold in Fort Gibson.

We have received the first number of Whitaker's Orphan Home Magazine, a monthly publication "devoted to Good Will, Good Words and Good Work," and the promotion of the Orphan Home. The Post wishes both the magazine and the Home unbounded success.

Have you seen F H Nash's new stock of Men's, Women's and children's Shoes? All styles and all kinds, and the best that are made.

Go to Effert's Grocery store for eatables. Their goods are fresh and they sell cheap. Free delivery to all parts of town.

F H Nash's show window of Gents furnishings goods attracts attention.

Page 5, column 3

     Passengers on the east bound Valley train this morning witnessed a bloody fight between deputy marshals and outlaws at Inola as they came through.
     Only meagre particulars could be obtained.
     Just as the train stopped at Inola four deputy marshals attempted to arrest Bill Miller and other outlaws in a house near the depot. One of the latter were seen to step from behind the house and begin firing rapidly at the officers, two of whom were seen to fall to the ground. The others ran.
     The men who fell were Hess Bussey and Gabe Beck, both deputy marshals.
     When the train pulled out they were still laying stretched out on the ground, it is supposed, dead.
     Inola is a station between Wagoner and Claremore.
     Later particulars say but one of the marshals, Gabe Beck, were shot and he was only wounded in the shoulder. Two of the outlaws were captured.

The little daughter of Mrs Rogers, mother-in-law to our townsman T J Thornton, was placed in the School for the Blind this week.

<Ad for shoes at F H Nash>

A ladies union prayer meeting has been started in Fort Gibson. The first meeting will be held at the M E Church South Friday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. This is something that should be kept up and well attended by the good ladies, who are the moral and religious back bone of every town.

<Ad for shoes at F H Nash>

James King, the big Tahlequah merchant, was closed up yesterday on attachment.

Stove wood taken on subscriptions.

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Page 9 column 1

Professional Cards

Horace Bradley, C C Wells & H R Bonner, Lawyers - Wagoner, I.T.

Wm N Littlejohn, Wilson O Burton, Jas W Breedlove, Attorneys-At-Law - offices at Sallisaw and Muldrow, I.T.

J P Mullen, Attorney and Counsellor at Law - South McAlester, I.T.

William F Rasmus, Attorney-At-Law - Tahlequah, I.T.

R Dawes & Luther Kyle, Attorneys-At-Law - Tahlequah and Muskogee, I.T.

G W Baker, Lawyer - Tahlequah, I.T.

J Warren Reed, Attorney at Law - Ft Smith, Ark and Muskogee, I T

James M Howard, Physician & Surgeon, East Fort Gibson, Ind Ter. (Office and bed-room upstairs over postoffice)

F L Leister, Physician & Surgeon Special attention given to all chronic diseases. Will visit any part of the country. P.O. address, Hanson, Ind. Ter.

R D Seals, Resident Dentist, Fort Smith, Ark., Office No 600 over National Bank

J W Kelly, Surgeon Dentist - Fort Smith, Ark

Palace Barber Shop, W W Lynch Prop - Fort Gibson, Ind. Ter.

A R Matheson, House, sign, wagon and carriage painter - Paper hanging and decorating a speciality

We will pay a salary of $10 per week for a man with a rig to introduce Perfection Poultry Mixture in the country, the greatest egg producer on earth. Ref required. Address with stamps, Perfection Mfg Co., Parsons, Kansas.

It would be a good idea for some subscribers to bear in mind that their subscription is past due. Send it in to us by the first mail, please.

Henry Starr was sent to Columbus, Ohio, this week to serve out a 15 year sentence.

Eggs and Butter at C E Eiffert's.

Page 9 column 2

     This School is strictly an Educational Institution, having for its object the moral, intellectual and physical training of the young of both sexes who are blind, and who are known to reside in the Indian Territory. The aim is to give a good practical education to render the pupils in every case at least useful and self-helpful, and when paracticable entirely self-supporting. A thorough course of instructions will be given in Literary, Elocution, Vocal and Instrumental Music, the art of piano tuning and repairing, kindergarten, physical culture, various kinds of useful and fancy work and many industrial trades.
     Tuition, books, board, and washing, medical treatment, etc., will be furnished all pupils free of charge, and the clothing and traveling expenses will also be furnished free to orphans and to children whose parents are known to be destitute or financially unable to bear these expenses for them. The children will be provided for in every respect. They will have the most careful attention both in and out of school hours, and special efforts will be made to combine, as far as possible, the comforts of a home with the advantages of a school.
     Any persons residing in any of the five civilized nations, Indians and whites, who are blind or who cannot see sufficiently well to obtain an education in schools for the seeing, and who are of good sound mind, free for all contagious and infectious diseases, of good moral character, and between the ages of six and twenty-six, may alike receive the benefit of this school.
     Our first term will open Jan 3rd, 1898, and close in June of the same year. All succeeding sessions will open on the first Wednesday in Oct and close on the last Wednesday in June of the following year.
     All pupils entering this school will be required to bring a certificate from their county judge, or some district official, showing their nationality and place of residence in the Indian Territory. Also one from some practicing physician testifying that they are of good sound mind and free from all contagious and infectious diseases. And if arrived at the age when the character is formed, one signed by three reliable persons of the town or neighborhood in which they live, certifying that they are of good moral character.
     All applications for admission to this school should be made to the principal - Miss Lura A Rowland, Fort Gibson, Ind. Ter.

The Water-Pierce Oil Co., is erecting an oil tank and building just across the railroad track from The Post building.

Thieves broke into Willey's store in Old Town last night and carried off a considerable amount of goods. They broke in through the front window.

Four of the full-blood Cherokee delegates to Washington have returned home for a two week's visit. Faulkner, Duncan, Lahay and Walkingstick are still in Washington.

<house for sale ad - T Jay thornton - same as last week>

<ad for Dr W B Masters - dentist - same as last week>

Please don't neglect to drop in and pay us what you owe us for The Post. We need it and we need it badly too.

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