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Ft. Gibson Post

Vol III No 6

November 4, 1897 (Part 4)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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<Professional Cards ... Bradley, Wells & Bonner, Lawyers, Wagoner .... Littlejohn, Burton and Breedlove, Attorneys, Sallisaw & Muldrow ... J P Mullen Attorney, South McAlester ... Dawes & Kyle, Attorneys, Tahlequah & Muskogee ... G W Baker, Lawyer, Tahlequah ... J Warren Reed, Attorney, Fort Smith Ark & Muskogee ... James M Howard, Physician & Surgeon, East Ft Gibson ... F L Leister, Physician & Surgeon, Hanson ... R D Seals, Resident Dentist, Fort Smith, Ark ... D J W O'Kelly Surgeon Dentist, Fort Smith, Ark ... Palace Barber Shop, W M Lynch, Prop., Fort Gibson>

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J W Bruner was in Muskogee Wednesday.

Miss Alice Adair is learning to ride a wheel.

Dr. Joe Turnham is suffering with a case of lagrippe.

Mr. and Mrs. A Y Aylesworth were in Muskogee Tuesday.

Mrs. Eliza Andrews is in Tahlequah this week on business.

Attorney Luther Kyle, of Tahlequah, was in the city Saturday.

The Fraternal Aid Association's building is fast nearing completion.

Help pull taffy tomorrow evening at Mrs. A Brown's in Old Town.

Hotel and boarding houses in the city all seem to be doing a good business.

Thomas Collins spent a few days the first part of the week in Fort Smith.

Mrs. Emma Carey, of Nowata, is in town visiting her mother Mrs. Bowden.

J R Sequitchie, of Chelsea, was in the city Saturday on his way to Tahlequah.

Mrs. F J Boudinot, of Tahlequah, was visiting Mrs. R C Adams a few days.

The frequent showers of late has caused some delay in gathering the cotton crop.

Will Trenton Canup of The Post was in Tahlequah on business a few days this week.

Joe, Doc, John and Mac went on an inspection tour in the west end Wednesday night.

There will be a hot time in old town Friday night - a taffy pulling bee at Mrs. Browns'.

Roy E Wolfe, of Tahlequah, was in the city Saturday on his way home from the Choctaw Nation.

There will be a "Taffy-Pulling Bee' at the residence of Mrs. A Brown in Old Town Friday night.

How many of our young ladies saw the reflection of their future husband in a mirror Hollowen'en night?

J S Holden came down from Muldrow Saturday afternoon and is again a member of the "office push."

W O Burton, a prominent Cherokee attorney of Muldrow, was in the city Wednesday, enroute to Tahlequah.

Ex Engrossing Clerk Theo. Perry and wife, of Sallisaw, were in the city Sunday and Monday, enroute to Tahlequah.

Despite the inclemency of the weather services at the different churches Sunday morning were well attended.

It is said two more physicians are contemplating locating here, at least they were here last week looking over the field.

With not much sickness in the locality, we do not see how so many physicians expect to "make the mare go" the coming winter.

About $15 dollars was secured for the school house fund last week
Page 5, Column 3
from proceeds of the "Rain Bow" party given at Mrs. Walker.

Who were those three young gentlemen who sat until 9 o'clock Sunday night on the steps of he Presbyterian church awaiting the toil of the bell.

It is rumored that a prominent young man of this city and a young lady living not many miles away will be united in marriage Thanksgiving Eve.

Dr. Otto Rogers, formerly of this place, has formed a copartnership with Dr. Burk at Webber Falls, and will practice medicine there in the future.

The Citizen again, with the use of "saw-mill" literature, made its appearance Saturday evening. We understand they expect reinforcement from Little Rock.

If you want to help a good cause attended the "Taffy-Pulling Bee" Friday night. The entertainment is given in order to raise funds for the new school house.

John F Wilson, the genial hack line proprietor, has ordered suits similar to those of mail clerks, and hereafter the stage employes will attract considerable attention.

Hauling cotton from Tahlequah, 22 miles distant from here, is quite a business. Thus far about 500 bales have been hauled, which we learn is shipped to Kansas City.

The first frost of the season appeared last Thursday night, and again on Saturday night, but did little damage to vegetation. The frost of Monday night was a dead sure killer.

A bad man loaded with bad whisky and bad guns had a pleasant matinee Sunday morning in the vicinity of Walker's drug store. The audience mostly took seats in the rear.

The Dawes commission have decided to shake the dust of Garrison Hill from off their feet and seek pastures new. Hereafter they will be found at the court house in Muskogee.

Missouri-Pacific officials who recently discharged a number of brakemen at different points on the road for letting "hobos" ride free, have reinstated them, the company fearing a threatened strike.

Mayor Walker, accompanied by his wife and daughter, Rose, left Friday morning for Hot Springs, Ark. Mrs. Walker and Miss Rose will remain there some time for the benefit of the latter's health.

That long looked for heating stove has arrived and now Joe Turnham and his two assistants don't stand around with their coats buttoned up as heretofore. The mayor himself looks wise and says nothing.

Isn't there some means by which this promiscuous shooting both day and night can be stopped. Some of these times someone is going to "drop" - then maybe something will be done to stop the nuisance.

Rather quite in Old Town this week - only one bad man arrested, his guns taken from him and he was turned loose. Only a few random shots at night and sound of reveille at the Garrison on the hill. Doing well for Old Town.

We don't know how many of our
Page 5, Column 4
citizens were aware of the fact, but Sunday night was Hallowe'en. Not many pranks were indulged in by the small boys, but the larger ones celebrated in the same old way - with whisky and guns.

It was stated in our last week's issue that Judge Thomas had decided that hereafter when a white man got into difficulty with an Indian the case must be settled in the Indian courts. This only applies to white men when they are married to an Indian.

The old stored away heating stoves have been hauled out and touched up with a coat of blacking. They now adorn parlors, giving joy and warmth to all, especially to the young gentlemen and ladies who have spent the summer evenings on front porches.

If you see any of our citizens around these days with their fingers cut and bleeding, hands and faces painted a dark hue, and a look of utter disgust upon their countenances, you can easily tell the cause - they've been helping their "better half" put together last year's rusty stove pipe.

W J Watts, of Wagoner, and J J Hubbard, of Afton, were in town on Tuesday, to see the Dawes commission on citizenship, business, but they were not successful in their mission as the commission were absent, two clerks only being present, and all the records packed up ready to move.

Religious people known as the Crusaders will shortly, hold a series of meetings in this city. Their services are conducted in somewhat the
Page 5, Column 5
same manner as the Salvation Army conduct theirs, with music, singing and testimonies of members and other in regard to what the Lord has done for them. No doubt they will be heartily welcomed and have crowded meetings while here.

     In a letter recently written to a gentleman at Talala in regard to information to gain possession of Intruders places, Indian Agent Wisdom replied "that the intrudes has no rights in the Cherokee Nation, and that possession of their places can be obtained by bringing a proper suit in the United States court. The intruder has no rights on the quarter-mile limit which a citizen of the Cherokee Nation is bound to respect."

     Albert Burkett was arrested here Thursday by Deputy Marshal Copeland, charged with introducing whisky. When arrested he had in his possession 108 pints of the "real thing." He was taken to Muskogee and incarcerated in the United States jail. His trial will take place some time next month before the United States court at Wagoner.

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