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Ft. Gibson Post

Vol III No 6

November 4, 1897 (Part 2)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Page 1 column 4 (continued)


Miss Fannie Sixkiller is visiting in Vinita.

Joe M LaHay, of Claremore, is in the city.

F J Boudinot was in St Louis on business.

George Benge has returned from Muskogee.

The gospel meetings at the Baptist church are well attended.

James S. Stapler is in St Louis purchasing a new stock of goods.

C D Pendleton and J P Carter have consolidated their drug stores.

R N Crafton has purchased John Commingdeer's grocery establishment.

Judge Schrimsler, of Claremore, has arrived and is ready for business.

Wm Beck, of Canadian, is shaking hands with the members of the Council.

The W.C.T.U. will hold a meeting at the residence of Mrs. J S Stapler tonight.

John F Wilson was in Muskogee last week buying new buggies for his livery stables.

Tom Hornet who three weeks ago killed Squirrel Vann, has been given bond in the sum of $4,000.

Mrs. Janie Crowder, a niece of Mrs. L Jane Stapler, of this city, died at Oaks last Thursday morning.

Hon. R T Hanks, of Canadian, arrived Sunday. He is an aspirant for the position of steward at the Male Seminary.

Everybody is looking forward to the week of November 15th. The Senter Payton Dramatic Company is billed for that week.

Mrs. M A Richards, who has been visiting her son, W T Richards, for some time, returned last Wednesday to her home in Belcherville, Tex.

     Some time ago Newman Kelly, a Creek Indian, was charged with stealing a horse from a man by the name of Rowe. The case was brought up in the Creek court and Kelly was found guilty and punished by whipping. Last week Kelly was again arraigned before the commissioner's court at Muskogee on the same charge and bound over to the United States court, the commission claiming that the Creek court acted without authority and jurisdiction. Kelly will now be brought before the United States court at Wagoner. According to this a person who commits a misdemeanor can be tried and punished twice on the same charge. Evidently someone is at fault - better get an almanac or two and read up.

     Charles Bluejacket, ex chief of the Shawnees, died at his home, 12 miles north of Vinita, Friday night, at the age of 72 years. He came with his tribe to the Territory 30 years ago and had been their leader ever since. He was a tall, fine looking full blood, spoke good English, was an upright Christian and a good citizen. With him died a vast amount of Indian history, as he knew more of Indian traditions and legends than any member of the tribe.

Page 1 Column 5

     Officer Are Given A Merry Chase But Capture Their Bird.
           >A Tall, Lengthly Damsel Residing in the Vicinity of Old Town Has a
           Hot Time of it for a While.
     One night last week a long, lengthly damsel who is know to the sporting fraternity by the name of Grace, got on the war path and ran things on a high scale for a short time. She procured a six-shooter, and after taking several large gulps of tanglefoot and sticking many colored feathers in her hair, hied herself to the tented domicille of a sister-in-sin, one whose "her"-name is known as Rose. Now this last named personage is a little short, hammered-down individual, in fact she's not much bigger than a minute, while lovely Grace can pick persimmons off of the highest tree without lifting her bare feet from the soles of her shoes. After entering the wigwam Grace brought forth the young cannon and made Rose do a "cooche-chooche" dance to its music. Poor Rose went though all kinds of contortions; turned back somersaults even for the benefit of the festive Grace. After she had discharged the contents of her "dropping machine," she returned to her sloven abode. Rose immediately proceeded to get even by reporting the matter to the officers. Next morning it is said an officer went over to Old Town to place Grace under arrest, but she was informed of his coming and took to the brush. The officer gave chase but after several hours of sprinting gave up the task. After a short rest he procured a horse and again started in pursuit. The wily and fleet footed girl once more gave him a merry chase, but finally fatigue over came her and she was forced to give up the race. After being tried she was discharged, there being not sufficient evidence to convict her. We have been informed that the whole fracus was over a lover.

     In the intruder case of Samuel Replogle vs. the Cherokee National before Judge Springer last week at Muskogee, his decision was that the Dawes commission could make no decision in citizenship cases after December 15, 1896, and that the time for taking appeals expired on February 18, 1897; that all claimants were presumed to note the fact and act accordingly. Replogue did not file his appeal until after that date, consequently the case was dismissed.

     The jury in the Aaron Craig case being out 96 hours could reach no decision and they were discharged by Judge Rogers. They stood seven to five for acquittal. This is the second time the case has resulted in a mistrial, and by a peculiar coincidence, in both trials the jury stood seven to five for acquittal.

     The board of Education of the Cherokee Nation have made a ruling that hereafter no teacher shall at any time or for any cause employ a substitute for less salary than that drawn by themselves.

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