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Ft. Gibson Post

Vol III No 5

October 21, 1897 (Part 4)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Page 8, Column 1

     Was The Reception Tendered
     Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard Ross.

     The most important society event of the season at Fort Gibson was the reception given Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard Ross at the residence of the groom's mother, Mrs. M J Ross, on last Friday evening. The spacious residence and grounds were brilliantly lighted for the occasion, the grand old maples in the yard showing up beautifully in the artificial light.
     There was a large crowd assembled, including the leading people of the town, with some from abroad, all to do honor to the bride and bridesgroom, whose marriage took place the day before in Boonesboro, Ark., the former home of the bride, Miss Hattie Babb.
     The ladies present were elegantly attired and wore many costly jewels. Never before in the history of our fair city has such a gathering together of prominent and aristocratic people taken place. The ladies present did neither need the aid of fine raiment or jewels to shine upon the occasion for Fort Gibson is world wide known for her beautiful women. The dark eyes and beautiful complexion of the fair ones, under the glare of hundreds of Japanese lanterns, did much toward beautifying the festivities. During the evening there was a sumptuous repast spread upon two long tables in the large and elegantly lighted dining room. The tables were profusely decorated with hot-house flowers, ferns and ever-greens. Two large branching silver candle-sticks cast a soft radiance over the large assemblage as they merrily partook of the viands which had been obtained from almost every clime.
     The occasion was one that will be long remembered by those who were present. Everyone spoke highly of the reception and all at a late hour were loath to leave for their homes.
     Mr. Hubbard Ross recently Received the appointment of postmaster in our city, and he is popular and highly esteemed throughout the Cherokee Nation. His father was the late W.P. Ross, formerly chief of the Cherokees, who was noted for his ability
Page 8, Column 2
and uprightness of character, and who left to his children and posterity a grand inheritance, by a noble and useful service to this people.
     Mrs. Hubbard Ross, nee Miss Hattie Babb, is a resident of Boonesboro, Ark., but for some time has made this city her home. She is a highly educated and beautiful young lady, esteemed and admired by a host of friends.
     The Post extends congratulations to the happy pair and wishes them much joy and prosperity through their journey in life.
     Among those present were:
Rev and Mrs. Huber
Mr and Mrs Boudinot
Dr and Mrs Howard
Mr and Mrs Kneeland
Mr and Mrs Adair
Mrs W S Nash
Mrs Cherokee Rogers
Mrs T J Thornton
Dr and Mrs McBride
Mr and Mrs Hart
Mrs R C Adams
Mr and Mrs Shaffer
Misses Ida, Fannie, Allie and Lutta Nash
Emma and Minnie Coleman
Gertie Rogers
Belle Ross
Mary K Simpson
Bessie and Mollie Howard
Mary Duvall
Messrs HC Meigs
Rover Eiffert
R E Butler
Percy Hicks
Will coody
Sam Sizkiller
Flo, Harry and Louie Nash
J S holden
Harry Miller
Cecil Eiffert
E P Ross
G R Scott
Mrs Badgett of Vinita
Miss Ann Scott of Muskogee

The following useful and ornamental presents were received:
J C Dannesberg and Dr C M Ross, silver card receiver
Dr and Mrs McBride, lamp
Misses Ida and Fannie Nash, lamp
Mr and Mrs Kneeland, rocking chair
R C Butler, W S Coody and Percy Hicks, two rocking chairs
Miss E Coleman and Sam Sixkiller, pair feather pillows
Harry Nash, one dozen napkins
Louie Nash, box cologne
Flow Nash, bed spread
Dr and Mrs Howard, bed spread
Judge Sanders and wife, pair towels
Mr and Mrs Hart, pair towels
Mrs Rogers, pair towels
Mrs Ross, four towels, ink stand and bed spread
Z T Walrond and wife, souvenir spoon
Misses Mollie Howard and Mary Duvall, dishes
Page 8, Column 3
Miss Emma Ross, pillow cases and ice wool shawl
Mr and Mrs W R Badgett, chamber set
Miss Minnie Coleman, pickle stand
Mrs R C Adams, set table linen
Mr and Mrs Shaffer, berry dish
Mrs M K Treat, water set
Mr and Mrs W S Sash, cracker jar and fruit dish
E P Ross and sisters, center table
A U Cravens, pair towels


     Having learned that myself and my business have been repeatedly misrepresented of late, I propose just at this junction to correct all such mistakes through the columns of The Fort Gibson Post. It has been often said by some parties without authority, and probably without any regard for the truth, that I am out of the coffin business. Now I wish to notify the people of Fort Gibson and vicinity, a people that I have served as undertaker for several years, under the most embarrassed circumstances, that I have not been out of the business lately as has been erroniously asserted, and I would have my old friends and patrons, and the public generally, to bear forcibly in mind the fact, that I carry a better class of coffins and caskets than anyone else in Fort Gibson, and at prices to suit everybody. This fact can be proven to anyone who comes to give my goods and prices an impartial examination, which can be seen at my old stand near the Garrison, where I can be found ready to serve the people in my capacity with neatness and dispatch, and in up-to-date style. Respectfully your humble servant. M D L Dowell.

     The Tahlequah board of trade has gotten down to business, and is trying to organize a stock company to build a United States jail, says the Wagoner Record. Arrangements are also being made for the improvement of the Fort Gibson and Tahlequah road, and a bill is being prepared to present to the national council, which convenes next month to provide for the prisoners in the nation jail to work the road.

Page 8, Column 4


The new court house is fast nearing completion.

Sunday & Lewis have purchased the livery outfit of Allen Bros.

R A Hosey is in Fort Smith as a witness in the Craig-Maddin case.

Chief Mayes and Ex-chief Harris were in the city a few days this week.

The grocery firm of Cody & Bragg has been dissolved, L L Bragg retiring.

Deputy United States Clerk Clayton Hunter has taken charge of the clerk's office here.

The publisher of The Record gives notice to his readers that he intends to be elected Mayor next year.

The first case filed in the United States court here was that of C B Whities vs M B Hathaway, for debt.

Mr. Henry Rooker, of Muskogee, and Miss Edith Johnson, of this city were united in marriage Sunday afternoon.

The Missouri Pacific railroad handled 17,000,000 pounds of local and through freight the past month at this place.

The injunction proceedings in Mr. W J Watt's case will be brought up before Judge Thomas, Monday, November 8th.

Mr. J R Moody and Miss Maude Weldon have the honor of receiving the first marriage license ever issued in Wagoner.

Brazile & Co.'s grocery was robbed last week. The thieves secured about $25 in cash and a large amount of grocery supplies.

The schools now have an enrollment of 185 pupils. It is estimated before the season closes 250 pupils will be in attendance.

Dr. W K Callahan, of this city, and Miss Alice Reed of Muskogee, were united in the holy bonds of wedlock at Muskogee Sunday afternoon.

The civil and criminal cases that will be transferred from the Muskogee court to the court here, together with the cases filed at present, will make a big docket for the first term.

Page 8, Column 5

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