Quick and Easy Webpage
Creation for Genealogists

Seminar presentation: 2006 FGS Conference, Boston MA

(c) Linda Haas Davenport

Dividing Line

Although this seminar is designed for the person who would like to have a website but doesn't know how to build or maintain one, it will contain tips and information that may be helpful if you already have a website or would like to overhaul an existing site. This seminar will walk you through the steps involved in creating a website from conception to uploading.

This seminar took an hour to present. Transforming a face to face presentation to written steps makes it appear much larger and longer than it truly is.

Please take the time to read all the pages before you begin. NOTE !!! Although I made the power point presentation slides much smaller they do take a little bit to load if you have a dial-up.

Page 1:
I Want to Build A Website, Not Learn to Write HTML Code
     Code Generators
First Things First
     Why do you want a website?
     What information will you have on your website?
     Who will your visitors be?
     What should your website look like?
     The "15 Second Rule."
Page 2:
The "3 Click Rule"
Page 3:
Establishing Folders:
     Example of Website Structure
     Webpage Folder:
     Subject Folders:
Collecting Graphics
     A Word of Caution
Invisible Spacer
Page 4:
Installing Word 97
Page 5:
     Finishing the Installation
Before You Begin
You're Now Ready to Build Web Pages
Why Name Your Main Page index?
Page 6:
Understanding Word 97's Code Generator
Word 97's Tool Bar
The First Few Tweaks
     Change the Title
     Assign the Background
     Choose Font Colors
Time to Tweak - Take a Deep Breath - Here We Go
 Page 7:
     Bordered Background Tables
Inserting Your Graphics
Your Welcome Message
E-Mail Hyperlink
Dividing Bars
Page 8:
What Goes On Your Main Page?
Auto Play Music
Inserting Hyperlinks
     Internal Hyperlinks
     External Hyperlinks
Page 9:
Finishing Your Main Page
     Adding Search Engines & Guestbooks
Final Tweaks
     Pointer to Your Image Folder
     Adding a Description for Your Graphics
     Getting Rid of Blank Lines
     Getting Rid of the "Size" Commands
Page 10:
Subject Folders
     Table of Content Page
     Individual Subject Pages
Using Tables on Subject Pages
Splitting a Cell to use a Graphic
Using Excel to Make A Table
Graphics in Subject Folders
Page 11:
Finishing Up
     Finding Free Webspace
     Uploading Your Site
     Checking Your Website on-line
Bits of Helpful Stuff
     Use Copy/Paste
     To Open a New Window
     Changing Your E-Mail Address Only Once
We're All Done

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