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Seminar presentation: 2006 FGS Conference, Boston MA

(c) Linda Haas Davenport

Dividing Line


Word 97 has a tendency, at times, to be more helpful than you want it to be. Tables is one of those times. Word 97 sometimes wants to adjust the width of tables for you whether the size is what you want or not. The easiest way to handle this problem is to always leave the first row of the table blank.

While working in a table hitting the Enter key will move you to the new line within the cell. Using the Enter key will continue to add lines and expand the height of the row. Hitting the Tab key will move you to the next row or if there is no existing next row will insert a new row.

Bordered Background Tables

Whenever you use a bordered background you have to use tables to keep the welcome banner and text from overlapping the left border.

With your main page open, click on the Tables button on the top toolbar. Click on Insert Table. When asked how many columns and rows select 3 rows and 2 columns.

Catch the dividing line between the cells and drag the line to the left until it is slightly to the right of the border. Don't try to get the line lined up with the border line, it needs to be slightly outside the border to keep the text from wandering over into the border. In the example below of the Marion Co site you can see what I mean, the cell line isn't far enough to the right and the first section of links slightly overlaps the border.

Inserting Your Graphics

Place your cursor in the 1st cell on the 1st row.
Click on Insert from the tool bar
Click on Picture,
Click on From File.
Browse to your images folder
find the Invisible Spacer
Click on it to highlight it
Click on Insert.

On your screen it will appear in the border as a faint box.

To insert your welcome banner, move to the 2nd row and either tab over to the 2nd column or place your cursor in the second column and repeat the steps above except this time find your welcome banner and select it. Most of the time your welcome banner will be against the left side of the cell. To center it - highlight it and click the center alignment button on the formatting toolbar.

In the following example you can see the three rows of the table. The top row is blank, the middle row contains the welcome banner and the third row is blank. You can also see the line between the two cells (slightly to the right of the border). Table lines are not displayed by browsers unless you want them to be.

Screen shot with welcome banner

Your Welcome Message

Welcome messages should be short enough to be quickly read but long enough to explain what the site is about. You should also introduce yourself and turn your name into a e-mail hyperlink.

Example: Welcome to the Marion Co, AR site. This site is dedicated to the history and genealogy of Marion Co AR. My name is Linda and I'm your hostess here at Marion Co. If you have information to share, have comments or suggestions please send them along to me. Enjoy your stay and come back often.

E-Mail Hyperlink

To turn your name into an e-mail address is simple.
Highlight your name
Click on Insert
Click on Hyperlink
In the URL box, type in: mailto:xxx - with xxx being your e-mail address. Example: mailto:lhaasdav@yahoo.com
Click OK

Dividing Bars

A dividing bar is a nice way to separate the sections of your webpage. Remember all graphics are inserted the same way.

Screen shot of page with dividing bar

Dividing Line


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