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Seminar presentation: 2006 FGS Conference, Boston MA

(c) Linda Haas Davenport

Installing Word 97

Now that you've finished all the preliminary work it's time to install Word 97 and build your main page.

Insert the Word 97 CD. The install program should run automatically. If it doesn't:

Click on Start
Click on Run
Browse to the CD location
Find and Click on setup.exe

Word 97 will co-exist with later versions of Word. If you have a later version of Word on your computer you will need to install Word 97 in a different folder. If you do not have any Word product on your computer you can skip this section.

The install program will ask you where you want Word 97 installed.

Click on Change Folder

Screen Shot of Setup


If you do not have another Word product on your computer skip this section. Otherwise, when this box is displayed change Microsoft Office to Word97 or Office97 and Click OK

Screen Shot of Setup

When the install program displays this box.

Click on Custom

Screen Shot of Setup


Clicking on Custom brings up the Custom selection box. Ignore everything except the Web Page Authoring (HTML) option. The box next to name will be blank. Click on the box and be sure the check mark is displayed. Word 97 does not automatically install the HTML option. (I added the highlight, it will not be displayed during installation.)

Screen Shot of Setup

Allow the install to run to completion.

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