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Seminar presentation: 2006 FGS Conference, Boston MA

(c) Linda Haas Davenport

The "3 Click Rule"

Those same people I mentioned on the previous page go on to tell us that the average visitor won't click more than three times to reach the page they are interested in. If you structure you website the right way then three clicks is easy to accomplish (or 4 at the most). I'm sure we've all visited sites where we have to click and click and click AND click. I often decide it's just not worth the effort and go on to some where else. I bet most of you have done the same. Since you want people to stay at your site it behooves you to make navigating your site easy. As you think about how you will build your site keep this in mind.

Click One - main page hyperlink to a table of content of a subject
Click Two - hyperlink on the subject table of content to a more detailed listing of the subject
Click Three - hyperlink on the detail listing to the detailed information


From this main page the visitor decides to visit the Transcribed Records page

Sample Main Page


Click One: Clicking on Transcribed Records takes the visitor the Table of Content for transcribed records

Sample TOC Page


Click Two: Clicking on Abstracts of the Mt Echo Newspaper takes the visitor to the Table of Content for the Mt Echo Newspaper

Example Page


Click Three: Clicking on the May 1886 issue takes the visitor to the detail


Dividing Line


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