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Seminar presentation: 2006 FGS Conference, Boston MA

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Photos are a popular item to put on a website. Before using photos on-line they should be resized and saved at a much smaller size and a lower density than you use to print a photo, otherwise they will take forever to load. Do not put several photos on the same page, the load time can cause problems.

There are a couple of ways to handle photos. Several Thumbnails can be put on the same page with a hyperlink for each Thumbnail to the actual photo or use a text listing of photo names and a hyperlink to the photo or page. If you need to add information about a photo use an individual webpage. If you want to only display the photo you can open it in a new window.

Finishing Up

Finding Free Webspace

Once your web pages are finished you need to upload them to a server. Most ISPs offer free space for their subscribers. A google search (free webspace) will turn up several places that offer free webspace. If your website is a genealogy site check with Rootsweb.

Uploading Your Site

To get your website folders from your hard drive to the server you will need a FTP program. A google search (FTP program free) will return several sites with free FTP programs. One of the oldest and most reliable FTP programs is WS-FTP but it is no longer free. As of Sep 2006 the program is being offered for $15.00.

Upload only what you need for what you are putting on-line. When you upload your site do not upload your extra_images folder.

Checking Your Website on-line

I've said several times, not all browsers display things the same. The three most popular browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox and Netscape. A less popular browser but one that is being used more and more is Opera. Internet Explorer is probably the most used simply because it comes with Windows software and is installed on most new computer. Each of these browser (other than I.E.) is free and can be downloaded. I have all four browsers on my system and once I upload something I check it in all four browsers to be sure it displays the way it should.

If a graphic isn't displayed check the pointer in the HTLM code. Make sure you uploaded the graphic.

I also check my site from different computers. Places you can use are: from work, from a public library, on your laptop, from a friend's computer, etc.

Bits of Helpful Stuff

Use Copy/Paste

Once you have tweaked the title and the color & background command lines and if you intend to use the same background, colors, etc., on a new page, after you save your new page, go to View Source on both the old and new pages. On the prior page copy the entire <HEAD> </HEAD> section and paste it into your new page. Then all you have to change is the title.

The same holds true for the bottom section of return links. Copy/Paste that section from your prior page which requires changing only the name of the Next hyperlink.


Music on a site is often fun, especially on a holiday page. For Halloween my music choice is "Monster Mash." However, since I hate auto play music I give my visitors the option to hear the music or not. Music that plays in a web page is a .mid file and can be found many places on the web.

I use the phrase "Give Me Music" on my webpages. To play music is no different than adding any other hyperlink to your page. The resulting code should look something like this:

<A HREF="/images/monstermash.mid">

To Open a New Window

To open something in a new window - Highlight the item and insert a hyperlink to the item (photo, webpage, etc.). Save your file and go to View Source. After the link add the words - TARGET-"_new". The command will look like this.

<A HREF="olddays13.jpg" TARGET="_new">

Changing Your E-Mail Address Only Once

Since you are just beginning to build your website, now's the time to include the code that will make your life a whole lot easier when it comes time to change your e-mail address. Instructions for this is found here.

We're All Done

You now have all the tools you need to build a website. As you build your first few pages you will make mistakes and get frustrated, but it won't be long before you will be flying through creating a webpage.

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