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The Broken Arrow Ledger
Broken Arrow, Creek Nation Indian Territory. (Tulsa Co, OK)
Vol 4 No 15
August 2, 1906 (Part 2)

Abstracted / Transcribed by Linda Haas Davenport

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Page 1, Column 4

<Spanning columns 4 & 5 - boxed Ad - drawing of a well dressed lady in a buggy .... THE LADY LOOK EVERYWHERE for a buggy but could not find just what she wanted until she reached our big implement, wagon and buggy house. She demanded BEAUTY, STRENGTH, WORKMANSHIP AND MATERIAL all combined, and fund them at RUTH & WHITENACK.>

Bargains in Real Estate. Seven lots with good four room house; good well; choice varieties of fruit; all in good condition. $750 if sold soon.

Good five room house, good well, five lots and close in. Only $1,000.

120 acres choice land all under cultivation; small house; 1 1/2 miles from town. Only $40 per acre.

80 acres good smooth land; large orchard, peaches, apples and small fruit. $47.50 per acre. S.M. ALLEN & CO.

LOST. A lady's pocketbook containing $7.10. Finder please leave at this office and receive reward.

[First Published in the Broken Arrow Ledger July 26, 1906] In The United States Court for the Western Judical District of the Indian Territory at Muskogee. In the matter of James M. Sheppard, Bankrupt. In Bankruptcy No. 6554-1-2

Notice is hereby given by the undersigned trustee of the estate of the above named bankrupt, that by virtue of the order of sale issued out of the United States Court for the Western District of the Indian Territory in Bankruptcy, in the above entitled cause, said order eing made by Clark J. Tisdel, Referee in Bankruptcy on the 11th day of July A.D. 1906. I will on the 7th day of August A.D. 1906, at ten o'clock A.M. in front of the gin building belong to the estate of James M. Sheppard, bankrupt, in the town of Broken Arrow, I.T. offer for sale and sell to the highest bidder therefore for cash in hand, at not less than seventy-five per centum of its appraised value, the following property belonging to the estate of said bankrupt, to wit: Block 71 and the East Half of Block 72 in the town of Broken Arrow, I.T. as same is designated on the official plat of said town, on file in the office of the Clerk of the United States Court at Wagoner, I.T. together with the gin building situated thereon, and the gin machinery situated therein, except that part of the machinery upon which the Continental Gin company has a first and superior lien. JAMES A. SCOTT, trustee

WANTED! WANTED! Wanted at once. Men and women at the Adams Creek coal mines. $3.00 per day.

 Page 1, Column 5

BOARD OF HEALTH NOTICE. In considering the time of year is approaching when continued fevers are prevalent, the board of health ask the assistance and co-operation of the people in keeping streets, alleys, vacant lots, back yards and fences perfectly sanitary.

Conditions of privies should have careful attention as flies reed and feed upon excrementitious matter and carriers of many contagions, notably typhoid fever. A box of lime must be kept in each privy and use upon each dejection. Doors should be kept close as files prefer the light.

Pantries, dinning rooms, and kitchens should be carefully screened, especial pains taken to keep flies out of sick rooms.

Manure piles about stables should be treated with lime and as far as possible protected from flies.

At last meeting of the board of health it was decided that people occupying dwellings and business houses should keep weeds mown in back yards and property owners to keep weeks cut upon all vacant land. Water harbor many insects especially the mosquito which is responsible for much of the malaria and miasmette diseases.

Pools of water are the greatest breeding places for the mosquito and where possible should be drained or filled up. Where this cannot be carried out they should receive a good coat of kerosene or other oil. Avoid throwing debris of any kind in pools.

Privies should be removed as far as possible from wells or cisterns to guard against contamination. Where any doubt exist as to purity of water it should be boiled and filtered before drinking. DR. J. H. LAWS, Secretary Board of Health.

Shields-Turner. On Monday evening, July 30th, 1906, at Tulsa, Miss Flo Shields of this city and Mr. Samuel Tanner, of Muskogee, were united in marriage by Rev. Kerr of the First Presbyterian church of Tulsa, officiated. The bride is the accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. a. Shields of this city and for more than two years has been an efficient assistant at the post office where by her kind and courteous treatment, she has won the admiration of all the patrons of the office who are sorry to see her go. The groom is the son of J. H. Tanner the well known stockman, and is a steady young man with good business ability. After receiving the congratulations of their many friends, the happy young people boarded the Tuesday evening train for Muskogee, where they will be at home to friends. The usual rice shower was indulged in at the train.

Council Makes Tax Levy. The City Council met in regular session Monday night and made the tax levy for the coming year. The total levy is 19 1/4 mills distributed to the various funds as follows: School 10 mills; general fund, 4 mills; officers and police, 2 1/4 mills; sinking fund, 2 mills; street and bridge fund, 1 1/4 mills; electric lights, 1/2 mill. The above levy will net about $12,000. The present administration had hoped to get the city onto a cash basis but owing to the incidental indebtedness of $4,500, it can not be done before another year.



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